"Sight, Sound & Story: Post Production Summit" 2014

Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O’Steen: A Conversation with Oscar Winning Editor Michael Kahn, ACE

Moderator: Bobbie O’Steen (Film historian, Author, “Cut to the Chase” & ”The Invisible Cut”)

Panelist: Michael Kahn, ACE (Lincoln, Munich, Catch Me if You Can, Saving Private Ryan, Jurrasic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

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TV is the New Black: Television's Cinematic Revolution

Moderator: Michael Berenbaum, ACE (The Americans, Sex and the City)

Panelists: Gary Levy, ACE (Nurse Jackie, Royal Pains), Cindy Mollo, ACE (House of Cards, Mad Men), and Meg Reticker (True Detective, 30 Rock)

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Anatomy of a Scene: Deconstructing Documentary Films 

Moderator: Garret Savage (My Perestroika, Ready! Set, Bag!)

Panelists: Penelope Faulk (Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work), Jonathan Oppenheim (Paris is Burning, The Oath, Streetwise), and David Teague (Freeheld, E-Team, Cutie and the Boxer, Monday's at Racine)

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Fast and Furious - Cutting Sports Television

Moderator: Maria Rapetskay (CEO/Creative Director, Undefined Creative)

Panelists: Colin Beattie (assistant editor HBO's 24/7 series), Brad Buckwalter (HBO's 24/7 series), Phil Parrish (senior producer/editor for NBC Olympics), and Christian Winters (HBO's 24/7 series)