"Sight, Sound & Story: Post Production Summit" 2017

"Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O’Steen": A Conversation with Editor Dylan Tichenor, ACE

Moderator: Bobbie O'Steen, "Cut to the Chase," "The Invisible Cut"

Speaker: Dylan Tichenor, ACE (There Will Be Blood, Brokeback Mountain, Boogie Nights, The Town) 

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TV is the New Black: Television's Cinematic Revolution

Moderator: Michael Berenbaum, ACE (The Americans, Sex and the City)

Speakers:  Kabir Akhtar, ACE (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Arrested Development, New Girl), Suzy Elmiger, ACE (Mozart in the Jungle, Master of None, Casual), and Julius Ramsay (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Outcast

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Anatomy of a Scene: Deconstructing Documentary Films 

Moderator: Garret Savage (My Perestroika, Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship)

Speakers: Amy Foote (The Work, Mavis!, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt), Maya Mumma, ACE (O.J.: Made in America, Restrepo), and Sam Pollard (Four Little Girls, When The Levees Broke)

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Visual Effects: Cinematic 360/VR Panel: 360 Degrees of Storytelling 

Moderator: Ross Shain, Chief Marketing Officer at Boris FX & Imagineer Systems

Speakers: Ulrike Futschik, PhD (Chief Operating Officer at Koncept VR), Graham Roberts (Senior Editor at The New York Times), and Julina Tatlock (Co-founder 30 Ninjas)

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"Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography" 2017

Behind the Lens: A Conversation with Cinematographer Julio Macat, ASC

Moderator: Josh Apter (Founder of Manhattan Edit Workshop, CEO of Padcaster)

Panelist: Julio Macat, ASC (Wedding Crashers, Home Alone, Pitch Perfect, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

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The New Age of TV: Bringing the Look of Cinema to the Small Screen

Moderator: David Leitner  (Director, Producer, and Cinematographer)

Panelists: Martin Ahlgren (Daredevil, House of Cards, Blindspot) & Igor Martinović (House of Cards, The Night Of)

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In The Moment: The Art of Cinematography in Documentary Filmmaking

Moderator: Hugo Perez (Neither Memory Nor Magic, Lights Camera Uganda)

Panelists: Joan Churchill, ASC (Shut Up & Sing, Kurt & Courtney, Last Days in Vietnam) & Buddy Squires, ASC (The Vietnam War, The Statue of Liberty, The Central Park Five

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