"Sight, Sound & Story: Post Production Summit" 2018

"Inside the Cutting Room with Bobbie O’Steen": A Conversation with Kevin Tent, ACE

Moderator: Bobbie O'Steen "Cut to the Chase," "The Invisible Cut"

Speaker: Kevin Tent, ACE (Sideways, Election, The Descendants, Nebraska, Blow)

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TV is the New Black: Television's Cinematic Revolution

Moderator: Michael Berenbaum, ACE (Sex & The City, The Americans, Divorce)

Speakers:  Naomi Geraghty (Billions, Bloodline, Treme) and Lynne Willingham, ACE (Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, X-Files)

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Anatomy of a Scene: Deconstructing Documentary Films 

Moderator: Garret Savage (My Perestroika, Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship)

Speakers: Bryan Chang (Brasslands, Narco Cultura, A Year in Space), Ann Collins (Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold, Swim Team), and Matthew Hamachek (Cartel Land, The Trade, Amanda Knox, Meet the Patels)

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"Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography" 2018

"The New Age of TV: Bringing the Look of Cinema to the Small Screen"

Moderator: David Leitner  (Director, Producer, and Cinematographer)

Panelist: Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC (Game of Thrones, Westworld, Ray Donovan, The Affair)

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"Behind the Lens: A Conversation About the Work and Vision of Cinematographer Bruce Logan, ASC"

Moderator: Snehal Patel (Producer & Director, ZEISS - Sales Manager)

Panelist: Bruce Logan, ASC (Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope, Tron, 2001: A Space Odyssey)

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