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"Sight, Sound & Story" Series:

Produced by Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), “Sight, Sound & Story” is an ongoing high-profile speaker series that brings audiences “behind the scenes” with legends of visual storytelling. Superstar and award-winning guests have included Michael Kahn, ACE (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost ArkLincoln), Dean Cundey, ASC (Back to the Future I, II & III, Jurassic Park), William Goldenberg, ACE (Argo, The Imitation Game, Zero Dark Thirty), Anne V. Coates, ACE (Lawrence of Arabia, The Elephant Man, Unfaithful, Erin Brokovich), Alan Heim, ACE (All That Jazz, Network), Kevin Tent, ACE (The Descendants, Sideways, Election), Buddy Squires, ASC (Baseball, The Civial War, Central Park Five), Jerry Greenberg, ACE (Apocalypse Now, The French Connection), Dylan Tichenor, ACE (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, Brokeback Mountain), Julio Macat, ASC (Home Alone, Wedding Crashers), Mary Jo Markey, ACE (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek), Robert McLachlan, ASC CSC (Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Westworld), Sidney Wolinsky, ACE (The Sopranos, The Strain, Ray Donovan, The Shape of Water), Bruce Logan, ASC (Tron, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), Vanja Černjul, ASC (30 Rock, Marco Polo), Cindy Mollo, ACE (House of Cards, Mad Men), Kelley Dixon, ACE (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Nancy Schreiber, ASC (NovemberThe Nines, The Comeback), Rob Legato (Avatar, Hugo), Bob Richman (An Inconvenient Truth, The September Issue), Joan Churchill, ASC (Shut Up  & Sing, Kurt & Courtney), Phil Stockton, M.P.S.E. (Life of Pi, Hugo), Eugene Gearty, M.P.S.E. (The Departed, Hugo), and Susan Morse, ACE (Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters). 

Download the 2019 Art of Cinematography program here, 2019 Post Production program here2018 Art of Cinematography here, 2018 Post Production Summit here2017 Art of Cinematography Program here, the 2017 Post Production Summit Program here, the 2016 Art of Cinematography Program here, the 2016 Post Production Summit Program here2015 Art of Cinematography Program here, the 2015 Post-Production Program Summit here or the 2014 Post-Production Summit Program Guide here.

Sight, Sound & Story's 2021 event series format is now online.  Sight, Sound & Story has delayed its live in-person events (June's Post Summit & November's The Art of Cinematography) until 2022.  Until that time the event series will continue live online monthly.  This series will feature unique guests and subjects that will vary between editing, cinematography, and all aspects of filmmaking. Most importantly, these events will be live and free to the public.

sight, sound & story
Our Mission

"Our mission is to educate and bring together the post-production and production community. We are committed to providing our audiences with unprecendeted access and insight from the best in the business."


"I had a great time at Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography. Not only did I have a great time speaking with Shenal Patel, but also found the other presenters fascinating, and learned a lot."


- Bruce Logan, ASC, (Tron, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) & 2018 Panelist

"Fantastic mix of industry veterans and aspiring filmmakers. It was a delight to meet and speak with people so passionate about the art of film and production.


- Tony Wisniewski
ZEISS, Marketing Manager, Americas

"The caliber of the speakers was really impressive. The space was great, and things moved along at a really nice pace. It was a very professional event without being stuffy. Great vibe."  


- Miranda Sherman, Department Administrator Graduate Film, New York University

"ONLY game in town showcasing EDITING and discusing the history of NYC feature productions and editors that were involved."  


- Tibor Spiegel, Avid Instructor & Editor

“The Sight, Sound & Story symposium, which discussed the intricate roles between a director, cinematographer and editor in documentary, TV and feature films, was a smart, concentrated exposé on the different facets of the practical filmmaking process.  I got to know Josh Apter and his team and found their commitment to further exploring and teaching the art of filmmaking nothing short of admirable.” 


- Julio Macat, ASC, (Home Alone, Wedding Crashers, Pitch Perfect) & 2017 Panelist

“Sight, Sound and Story" is an outstanding industry event. No other series offers the diversity of topics and high caliber panelists...and it showed in the incredible turnout from the community. Hats off to Manhattan Edit Workshop for putting on a fantastic event. They had the right mix of creatives with outstanding networking opportunities for its sponsors.”


Jeff Herzog, Product Manager at EditShare

"I really loved this. It's so incredibly inspiring. Always. Great job."  


- Michelle Kim, Freelance Editor 

“Thank you for bringing us the Sam/Bobbie O’Steen Masterclass. It was such a breath of fresh air, so so good. I’m in the middle of cutting a show for Amazon and it was a timely infusion of great craft and energy in the current madness - a reminder of where we have come from and The Greats who have brought us here. I’ve been thinking about it every day since. That’s the beauty of legacy.” 

- Stephen O’Connell (Dublin)


"I enjoyed everything about this event. Everyone was so patient and kind in talking about how they came to be an editor."  


- Matthew Pedersen, Sales, Sony 

"It seems like there are two main purposes: new young editors want to know how to break into the business. More established editors enjoy hearing about the process and behind the scenes. Keep up the good work! Thank you."


-  Chris White Freelance, Editor

"The content provided everything I needed to hear as a soon to be graduating student of production. Every panelist had something valuable to share, but William Goldenberg was the clear highlight of the night."


- Zacharias Panayotopoulos, Student, New York Institute of Technology

"Hearing the advice and seeing how great these editors have become.  Motivation for me."


Saffia Rahimtoola, Student, 

Academy for Careers in TV and Film

“Sight, Sound & Story is a positive, energizing, and informative evening.  It's a wonderful gathering of generous industry professionals and VER is proud to be part of it."  


- Anthony Gigante, Head of Business Development, TV, Cinema & Broadcast, VER

"I loved being around people who have the same interest as me. It was great to hear people who have succeeded in the business. It was very encouraging."


- Elizabeth Moore, Transcriber, Blind Dog Films

“Events like Sight, Sound & Story really connect seasoned cinematographers to learning and aspiring filmmakers.  I love being a part of opportunities like this where we can get into the minds of creative geniuses.”  


- Abby Hessney, Senior Marketing Manager, Adorama

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