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March 2, 2021

AJA Releases Desktop Software v16

Free Update Introduces HDR Signaling over SDI, Expanded IP Video Support and Increased Hardware Compatibility for KONA, Io and the new T-TAP Pro


Grass Valley, CA – AJA Video Systems has released Desktop Software v16, a free update that introduces powerful new features to AJA’s lineup of KONA, Io and T-TAP products, such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) signaling over SDI, expanded IP video functionality, support for the just announced T-TAP Pro Thunderbolt™ 3 output device, and increased compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems. 


Desktop Software v16 includes compatibility updates for the latest macOS®, Windows® and Linux® operating systems, including support for macOS 11.x Big Sur, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Redhat/CentOS 8 and continuing support for Windows 10 updates. Desktop Software v16 enhances and expands support for high-end computer hardware, including certified compatibility of AJA PCIe cards and Thunderbolt devices with the 2019 Mac Pro and AJA PCIe card support for Supermicro X11DAI, X11SPA+TF and X11DPG. For IP video workflows, v16 also increases compatibility with NMOS compliant devices by updating to NMOS 1.3 and adds improved troubleshooting capabilities with new LLDP support for KONA IP, Io IP and Avid ArtistTM | DNxIPTM.


With Desktop Software v16, HDR over SDI is available on select AJA KONA and Io products, and the new T-TAP Pro device. The included AJA Control Panel software features a redesigned HDR tab, offering controls for HDR to be signaled via both SDI and HDMI simultaneously. New HDR capabilities for AJA Control Room and AJA Control Panel include the addition of HDR metadata capture and HDR auto playback detection for ease of use for critical monitoring applications. To further streamline AJA’s leading 8K workflows, the v16 update also adds KONA 5 8K monitoring and output capabilities for Apple® Final Cut Pro® and Avid® Media Composer®.


Additionally, the new AJA Software Development Kit (SDK) v16 for OEM Developer Partners is also available and targeted at simplifying encoding and high-end 12-bit/HDR workflows. SDK v16 introduces 12-bit workflow enhancements for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G, including support for Color Space Conversion and LUTs when working with 12-bit material. New KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G 8K bit file updates provide developers with access to 3G multi-link options, in addition to 12G, plus new 4:2:0 planar support for encoding solutions, saving time and money through the enablement of direct capture or output of 4:2:0 material without requiring transcoding.


“AJA has the most comprehensive toolset for leading creative software applications, and with our latest Desktop Software v16 update, we’ve continued to add powerful new features that improve the reliability and ease of use of our KONA, Io and T-TAP products. Desktop v16 includes increased hardware compatibility and breakthrough features for creative pros who are working in the latest delivery formats,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

A number of AJA Developer Partners that have built proprietary systems and solutions for broadcast, post and AV applications using products like AJA T-TAP Pro, KONA 5 and KONA HDMI have already begun to take advantage of the new Desktop Software v16 features. 

Drastic Technologies CTO James Brooks shared, “Desktop v16, and the SDK version for developers, when integrated with our videoQC and FlowCaster products, allow our customers to transmit full HDR signaling at 4K from anywhere in the world to a local monitor for review. Systems including KONA 5 and KONA HDMI support HDR signaling in, while those with KONA 5 and T-TAP Pro enable HDR signaling out, with auto HDR detection simplifying settings for a more seamless end user experience. KONA 5 and the new T-TAP Pro pair perfectly with our dedicated Intel NUCs, and T-TAP Pro’s incredible output capabilities make it the only mobile device that can handle frame by frame, frame-accurate metadata to nearly any desired monitor.”

AJA Desktop Software v16 feature highlights include: 

  • Support for the new T-TAP Pro portable Thunderbolt 3 output device, featuring 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 for 4K/UltraHD on macOS and Windows

  • Expanded OS compatibility, including macOS Big Sur 11.x, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Redhat/CentOS 8, and Windows 10

  • Certified compatibility of AJA PCIe cards and Io devices with SuperMicro X11DAI, X11SPA+TF, and X11DPG

  • Breakthrough HDR over SDI support; VPID signaling is now available for SDR/HDR transfer characteristics over SDI on KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro

  • HDR metadata/transfer characteristics for capture and auto playback detection

  • New 8K optimizations for capture/playback on macOS, Linux and Windows, including KONA 5 8K support in Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer

  • 4K closed captioning support in AJA Control Room on KONA 4, 5, Io 4K Plus, and T-TAP Pro

  • ST 2110 updates on KONA IP and Io IP; NMOS update to 1.3 and LLDP support

  • Expanded functionality on AJA NMOS application

  • Dynamic FPGA firmware reconfiguration, providing rapid firmware switching

AJA SDK v16 feature highlights include:

  • 8K bitfile updated; added quad- and dual-link I/O via 3G-SDI and 1.5G-SDI (multi-link I/O) for 4K to the 8K bitfiles for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G

  • New 4:2:0/4:2:2, 8-bit/10-bit, 3-planar I/O, for integrating SDI 4:2:2, 10-bit I/O with 4:2:0-based encoders/decoders (8-bit or 10-bit)

  • New 12-bit workflow enhancements for KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G

  • New custom HANC playout capability with KONA 5 and Corvid 44 12G

Pricing and Availability

AJA Desktop Software v16 and SDK v16 are now available as a free download from AJA’s support page.


About AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to the professional broadcast, video and post production markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world. For further information, please see our website at


All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


March 2, 2021

AJA Announces T-TAP Pro

Compact Thunderbolt™ 3 Device Supports up to 4K/UltraHD Output over 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0, Empowering Video Professionals to Produce High-End Content from any Location


Grass Valley, CA - AJA Video Systems has unveiled T-TAP Pro, a compact, silent, and portable Thunderbolt™ 3-connected device that simplifies 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD/SD monitoring and output over 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 on compatible Mac® or PC computers. Ideal for a range of production scenarios, T-TAP Pro provides high-quality video monitoring, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for high frame rate (HFR) and large raster workflows from a Thunderbolt 3 host system.


“T-TAP Pro was developed for production professionals who require the highest quality video output wherever they’re working,” explained Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “This robust and powerful device enables monitoring and output of high bandwidth 4K/UltraHD and pristine HDR content directly from your laptop or desktop computer, with the power and convenience of a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.”


T-TAP Pro is a versatile monitoring and output device suitable for high-end color grading, audio mixing, editorial and visual effects, in addition to on-set monitoring and playback, that enables creative professionals to work efficiently from home or any location. Compact, portable, silent, and reliable, T-TAP Pro powers high-quality HDR and HFR video monitoring up to 4K/UltraHD over 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 from any supported Thunderbolt 3-enabled Mac or PC. T-TAP Pro features extensive compatibility with popular creative applications for editorial, graphics, effects, color, and streaming, including Apple® Final Cut Pro®; Adobe® Premiere® Pro, After Effects®, Audition®, and Character Animator®; Avid® Media Composer® and Pro Tools®; and more. For audio workflows, T-TAP Pro features multi-channel embedded audio on SDI and HDMI, and a 3.5mm stereo analog audio connection that provides a convenient method for monitoring audio, enabling editors or digital artists to plug in headphones directly to the device or connect to an external analog audio mixer. 

AJA technology partners, including Colorfront, have already begun work to deliver T-TAP Pro support across popular broadcast, post and proAV solutions. With T-TAP Pro support coming for Colorfront Express Dailies, Colorfront On-Set Dailies, Colorfront Transkoder and Colorfront Streaming Player, Bruno Munger, Director of Business Development, Colorfront shared, “AJA’s new T-TAP Pro arrives at the perfect time, bringing great value to production and post professionals with an in-demand feature set and compact form factor. It delivers the advanced, high-end connectivity that our customers require when using our professional streaming player and other solutions on both laptops and small desktop computers.”

 T-TAP Pro feature highlights include:

  • Compact Thunderbolt 3 video and audio output 

  • Silent-running designed-in for critical monitoring environments such as audio mixing, screenings or on-set

  • 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 connectivity for working with 4K/UltraHD over a single cable, with simultaneous output on both connections

  • Support for up to 4K/UltraHD/HD output over SDI and HDMI up to 60p

  • 10- and 12-bit uncompressed quality

  • HDR support for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and HDR10, as well as Dolby Vision™ via the AJA Software Development Kit (SDK); HDR signaling over both HDMI and SDI 

  • Thunderbolt 3 single-cable connectivity on Mac and PC

  • 16-channel embedded SDI audio output

  • 8-channel embedded HDMI audio output

  • Front panel audio levels reference display

  • 2-channel 3.5mm headphone output with rotary knob adjustment

  • Broad application compatibility, including Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe® Creative Cloud®, Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, and much more

  • Included power supply

  • Three-year international warranty

Pricing and Availability

T-TAP Pro is now available for $795 US MSRP through AJA’s worldwide reseller network. For more information, visit:


About AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to the professional broadcast, video and post production markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world. For further information, please see our website at


All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

February 18, 2021

OWC Announces The Only Universal and Fully Compatible Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable You Will Ever Need

One cable that can do it all - 100% compatible and certified reliable solution for interconnecting devices, and hundreds of millions of Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, and USB4 equipped Macs, PCs, tablets, and phones


OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of MemoryExternal Drives, SSDsMac & PC docking solutions, and performance upgrade kits, announces its next-generation connectivity solution, the OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable. Whether connecting accessories, power, video or even networking the OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable is universal for everything making it the only cable you will ever need. Connecting with USB-C on both ends, this cable is safe, certified, and always reliable for Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB 4, USB 3.2, USB 3.1, USB Power, Video, etc. And you get 100% of both the maximum power allowed and the full data capability supported from/between any USB-C port-equipped device and host.

No matter what kind of device or power level; be it a Mac, PC, tablet, or mobile device, the OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable never lets you down for your USB-C to USB-C connectivity needs. Contrast this with USB-type cables, which often carry no certification, have more limited and varying data speeds, and are not all rated and safe for the power level a system can demand. OWC Thunderbolt 4 cables take all the guesswork out for your USB-C to USB-C connectivity needs. Full certification for power and data capabilities provides peace of mind and ensured reliability regardless of what you need connecting.

From our research and first-hand experience, USB-C to USB-C cables are among the largest causes of technical support headaches. While many USB-C to USB-C cables 'look' and feel of quality, even being the highest quality USB cable doesn't mean it supports Thunderbolt or even high-speed USB-C 5Gb/s or 10Gb/s needed for modern USB-C docks and drives. This causes frustration, lost time, and lost productivity as devices fail to operate correctly, if at all, and with no apparent reason to the end-user. Using some USB cables for power connections is even dangerous when overpowering can risk excessive heat or worse.  

"With the OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable, you never have to worry or wonder if you have the right cable because it's a perfect cable for all of your C-to-C connectivity needs," said Larry O'Connor, Founder, and CEO of OWC. "If it fits your ports, it 100% does support. No other USB-C cable, other than one that is Thunderbolt 4 certified, can make this claim. As I introduce these new cables to individuals and groups, I can't tell you how many people have said they will be cutting all their other USB-C cables. Incorrect cable use is a real issue and headache we are excited to have solved."

OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable Highlights

  • 100% USB-C Compatible: connect to today’s, tomorrow’s, and yesterday's Macs, PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, Surface and other devices with a Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, or USB4

  • Certified for All Uses: enjoy lab test certified safe power delivery up to 100W of power, up to 40Gb/s of data performance, and up to 8K of video capability

  • Versatile Connections: connect any drive, dock, display, eGPUs, PCIe expansion, external SSDs, RAID storage, Power adapters, accessories, anything that goes USB-C to USB-C

  • Powerful: Certified safe delivery of up to the maximum 100 watts of power/charging from docks, adapters, and other devices that USB-C and Thunderbolt support.

  • Stunning visuals: connect up to 4K, 5K, 6K and 8K Thunderbolt or USB-C display

  • Guaranteed quality: 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty

Pricing & Availability
The OWC Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C Cable is available now for $27.99 in 0.8 m length on


January 14, 2021

AJA Releases Two New 12G-SDI openGear® Solutions

OG-12GM enables 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI Muxing/deMuxing;

OG-FiDO-TR-12G provides 12G-SDI to/from fiber conversion with single-link LC connectivity

unnamed (1).png

Grass Valley, CA  – AJA Video Systems today announced the release of two new 12G-SDI openGear® solutions, AJA OG-12GM and AJA OG-FiDO-TR-12G. Featuring support for up to 4K/UltraHD content, OG-12GM is a 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI Muxer/DeMuxer, and OG-FiDO-TR-12G is a state-of-the-art 12G-SDI/Fiber transceiver. Both are designed for use in high-density openGear 2RU frames and compatible with Ross® DashBoard software for flexible device control and monitoring.

"As demand for high raster 4K/UltraHD content increases, convenient 12G-SDI solutions are critical to simplifying cabling and transport of high bandwidth content,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “In response to industry demand, we’re bolstering our lineup of 12G-SDI workflow tools with the new OG-12GM card and OG-FiDO-TR-12G transceiver, which feature industry-wide compatibility in openGear frames.”

OG-12GM is an openGear-compatible SDI transport converter that supports single-link 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI, two Sample Interleave (2SI) to/from Square Division (Quadrant) pixel mapping, and selectable Distribution Amplifier (1x4). It provides detailed timing analysis for validating alignment of quad-link SDI inputs via a unique timing analyzer that quickly helps to identify possible timing issues for quad-link signals. Ideal for critical broadcast applications where high-quality conversion and reliability are required, OG-12GM features openGear’s high-density architecture and DashBoard support on Windows®, macOS® or Linux for monitoring and control over a local network or remotely.

OG-FiDO-TR-12G offers unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency for 12G-SDI to Fiber conversion and Fiber to 12G-SDI conversion with single-link LC connectivity, enabling long cable runs up to 10km for single mode. OG-FiDO-TR-12G is compatible with all certified openGear products and supports Ross DashBoard software for convenient remote control and monitoring over a PC or local network to further simplify production workflows.

Pricing and Availability

OG-12GM and OG-FiDO-TR-12G are now available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network for $895 US MSRP, and $1325 US MSRP respectively. For more information, visit:

About AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to the professional broadcast, video and post production markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world. For further information, please see our website at

January 14, 2021

OWC Acquires LumaForge and Jellyfish Technologies

LumaForge to continue as an OWC Company, with team intact, to further expand production and server capabilities, solutions, and line up


OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and one of the world’s most respected providers of MemoryExternal DrivesSSDsMac & PC docking solutions, announced today the acquisition of LumaForge, creator of the award-winning family of shared storage Jellyfish solutions and its support of the ultra-reliable video workflow server that connects content creators, editors, colorists, graphic artists, and sound mixers. The Jellyfish product line adoption further establishes OWC as the provider of the most reliable storage workflow solutions available for both existing OWC and LumaForge customers and new.


The LumaForge Jellyfish product family consists of Jellyfish Mobile: The first plug-and-play video workflow server that comes with a handle. Jellyfish Mobile was designed to be on-the-go or, at least, out of the server room. It excels with teams of four to six editors working with 4K media on the road or at the office. Jellyfish Tower: Matches the ease-of-use and plug-and-play magic powers of the Mobile and is as powerful as something you’d find in your server room. It’s quiet enough to stand on its own in your edit bay and powerful enough to take on 6+ editors working with 4K media and beyond. Jellyfish Rack: The most powerful in the lineup plug-and-play solution, intended to live alongside all your other fancy server room equipment. Jellyfish Rack is the preferred solution for ultra-high-bandwidth connectivity (25GbE/50GbE) and can seamlessly merge into the most complex enterprise network environments.All existing customers will be receiving direct communication regarding their support and upgrade paths within the coming weeks.


“I am excited to welcome the amazing LumaForge team and solutions into the OWC Family. This acquisition both strengthens our enterprise/server storage capabilities and enables an even broader lineup of solutions to serve the needs of video, photography, and music professionals with some really exceptional new offerings,” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder & CEO. “Jellyfish and LumaForge customers will continue receiving the support and development, while this trusted technology will flourish and have a whole new level of support and engagement within the OWC family.”

“There’s no better home for our team and technology than OWC. A legendary brand with a reputation for great products and support that countless people depend on every day,” said Josh Minney, CEO, LumaForge. “We’ve always admired what Larry and his team have built, and we are all excited to actually be a part of it.”

January 11, 2021

OWC Announces High-Powered 6 Port USB-C Travel Dock E for Macs, PCs, iPads, Tablets, or Phones

The best mini-sized dock to connect, charge, display, network, and import on-the-go through one cable


OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of MemoryExternal DrivesSSDsMac & PC docking solutionsand performance upgrade kits

 announces its next-generation mobile connectivity solution, the OWC USB-C Travel Dock E. It reduces the hassle of adapter and dongle heft while expanding your connectivity options with six essential ports: USB 3 Type-A, HDMI 2.0, SD card reader, and all new Gigabit Ethernet, and USB-C 100W power pass-through. Through its integrated USB-C connecting cable, the compact Travel Dock E lets you transform any location, be it a studio, classroom, boardroom, or coffee shop, into a mobile office. The OWC USB-C Travel Dock E gives you the ability to connect, charge, display, and import at will with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3-equipped computers, tablets, and phones.

Based on the original award-winning OWC Travel Dock, the new OWC USB-C Travel Dock E offers fast and reliable sharing, streaming, and surfing. Nothing can quash productivity faster than slow, low-quality Wi-Fi, but the OWC USB-C Travel Dock E isn't going to let you down. Its Gigabit Ethernet port has an industry-standard connector so that you can plug in anywhere for a speedy server connection, uninterrupted downloads, and reliable file transfers.

Unlike other mini docks that sacrifice usability to remain portable, the OWC USB-C Travel Dock E packs a heavyweight punch akin to a desktop dock. This compact dock is about the size and weight of a hockey puck, and it can be used via bus power when you don't have access to an outlet. Or, connect a USB-C power adapter to the OWC USB-C Travel Dock E USB-C power delivery port to charge your device with up to 100W of power on the go or when working from home.

When finished using the OWC USB-C Travel Dock E, you can safely disconnect it in one click with the free OWC Dock Ejector software. The OWC Dock Ejector was designed by OWC hardware and software engineers to ensure all data is written to one or more connected drives before disconnection, saving time and protecting against data loss.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock E Highlights

  • Make a powerful presentation on a 4K HDMI display

  • Share, stream, and surf quickly and reliably fast with standard RJ45 Ethernet 1000BT networking

  • Transfer files with storage devices in a blink of an eye

  • Charge up small mobile devices for on-the-go use

  • Ingest photos and movies directly from media cards with the SD card reader

  • Enjoy the convenience of a full-sized keyboard or mouse with your notebook

  • Connect it to Macs, PCs, iOS, Android, and Chrome devices

  • 2 Year OWC Limited Warranty and lifetime US-based support  


"We are so proud to keep the OWC Travel Dock product family going strong," said Larry O'Connor, CEO, and Founder of OWC. "The OWC USB-C Travel Dock E is a great update to an award-winning product."

Pricing & Availability

The OWC USB-C Travel Dock E will be available Q1 2021 in Space Gray for $64.99 at The customer-favorite and award-winning OWC USB-C Travel Dock continues to be available as well. Users can choose from four colors to best complement their gear and get connected to notebooks, displays, and more as needed on the go. Starting at only $54.99, this Travel Dock is fully compatible with all Thunderbolt 3 equipped Macs & PCs.

December 8, 2020

OWC Announces Copy That App for iOS and iPadOS

Take control of your content, copy multiple photos and videos with ease, and added security


OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of Memory, External DrivesSSDsMac & PC docking solutions, and performance upgrade kits announces OWC Copy That, an app that lets you easily copy photos and videos from your iPhone / iPad directly to external storage devices. It gives you the ability to select what you want to copy, where you want to copy, and how you want to copy your data and is available now for iOS and iPadOS.

With Copy That, OWC has taken the guesswork out of data backup. The process is simple. Connect your iPhone or iPad to an external drive. Select the type of media you want to copy and how you want to copy it. Then click the "Copy That" button, and you're done. Whether you are a hobbyist out in the field taking nature photos, an influencer shooting daily videos, or you're just an enthusiast taking family pictures, OWC Copy That lets you free up storage on your device, duplicate and protect your valuable data.


OWC Copy That includes smart copy functions that streamline the copy process. You can exclude screenshots and selfies and decide what you want to do with existing files. OWC Copy That puts you in control of your data. These settings are sticky. Once they are set, they become your default settings until you change them. This makes it a breeze to copy files in batches whenever you need. No longer do you have to click and click to copy photos and video. OWC Copy That makes the process quick and easy.

OWC Copy That Highlights

  • More room: transferring photos and videos to an external drive frees up space on devices enabling space for additional apps and OS upgrades 

  • Extends use life: great for limited storage space older iOS devices 

  • Effortless sharing: external drives make it much easier to share files with desktops, laptops, and other users 

  • Copy Anywhere: transfer files to almost any destination including attached external storage, even network shares 

  • Duplicate with ease: once data is copied to external storage, data duplication and backups are easier and faster 

  • Works with iOS and iPadOS

"As a leader in the storage space, it makes sense that we would expand OWC's years of data knowledge and offer this innovative iOS app into our product family," said Larry O'Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC. "Coping data is just not as easy as it should be until now. OWC Copy That takes the guesswork out of selecting and copying various files, photos, etc., from Apple iOS devices. A product many of us at OWC have wanted, and we believe you do too."

Pricing & Availability
OWC Copy That is available now for free in the 
App Store. At launch In-app, purchases will be discounted for a limited time priced at $.99 and will move to $2.99. The special price is valid through the end of the year. In-app purchases will include Verified Copy, a more secure way to copy, verify copies of data by comparing to originals and Delete From Device, the ability to delete items from the iPhone or iPad.  


October 20, 2020

A Cinematographers’ Tribute to the
Photography of the Incredible Douglas Kirkland
Wednesday, October 28, 11am PDT

CineGear Expo pays tribute to Douglas Kirkland in a special ON AIR presentation on October 28, 2020. The unassuming still photographer is known worldwide for his iconic imagery of famous artists from Man Ray to Coco Chanel to Andy Warhol, and musicians from Frank Sinatra to Mick Jagger to Diana Ross. His extensive portfolio of actors’ mportraiture is unmatched: Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elle Fanning to name just a few. He has captured countless filmmaking pioneers like Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Oliver Stone, and James Cameron—whose work has impacted the art of motion pictures.

This ON AIR presentation pays homage to Kirkland’s 250 black and white portraits of cinematographers shot captured over the past 30 years for Kodak’s On Film ad mcampaign. What better way to honor Kirkland than to see his work and to hear from a select few of his subjects as they recall the first time he photographed them?

Hosted by Richard Crudo ASC, the ON AIR panel of renowned cinematographers includes: Steven Poster ASC, James Chressanthis ASC, Nancy Schreiber ASC, George Spiro Dibie ASC, Dante Spinotti ASC, AIC, Stephen Lighthill, ASC, Vittorio Storaro ASC, AIC, Don McAlpine ACS, ASC, and Reed Morano, ASC, DGA. Kirkland, his dynamic wife/partner Françoise, as well as son, director Mark Kirkland, join the conversation from the Kirkland studio.

The one-hour program, available on Wednesday, October 28th at 11 am PDT, will include photos, footage and classic conversation about Douglas Kirkland as he enjoys mhis sixth decade as a still photographer. To RSVP for this free CineGear event visit:


September 23, 2020

CineGear Goes Virtual for 2020 Film Series Competition

Participate Free via phone, tablet, computer or connected TV

Cine Gear Expo announces a rousing virtual lineup for their much-anticipated annual Film Series Competition to be held at 12 noon, Saturday, October 3, 2020.

Like the Expo’s successful in-person events, online guests will be treated to a full schedule of curated finalist films including Independent Shorts, Music Video/Commercials and Student Shorts with submissions from AFI, USC, & London Film Schools. Following the screenings, CineGear guest host, Jay Holben, will moderate a spirited online networking event, complete with trivia questions, prize give-aways, lively chat and more. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite film in each category that will be tallied with the selections of CineGear’s independent team of industry judges. Next comes the Award Presentation when winners will receive filmmaking prizes generously donated by top industry tech and services companies.

Independent Short Film finalists:
Swimming, Director: Anna Chi
Sound, Director/Writer: Tawan Bazemore
• Second Team, Director: Ria Pavia
Stevie, Director/Writer: Eric L. Thompson
Godspeed MC/For God and Country, Director: R.J. Hall
Stormchaser, Director: Gretl Claggett
Waves, Director: Jane Hae Kim
The Entity, Director/Writer: Chi K. In

Music Video / Commercial Finalists:
Nice Shoes, Director/Writer: Jonathan Lawrence
Hey, Beautiful!, Director: Kenneth Ferrone
Chasing the Horizon, Director: Sasha A. Logov

Alive, Director/Writer: Carissa Dorson
Oo La La, Director/Writer/Producer: Frank Rogala
James Arthur feat. Travis Barker – You, Director/Producer: Timon Birkhofer
Stellar Moto Brand Commercial, Director/Writer: Iggi Ogard
About the Girl in the Trunk, Director/Writer: Lindsay Clift
Slant - With or Without You, Director: Vez Visuals

Student Short Film Finalists:
Día de Las Carpas- AFI Conservatory, Director: Joao Dall’Stella
They Won't Last- AFI Conservatory, Director: Portlynn Tagavi
Natives- The Peter Stark Producing Program, Director: Ramon Farrier
Tree #3- AFI Conservatory, Director: Omer Ben-Shachar
Our Home Here- AFI Conservatory, Director: Angela Chen
GROK SEE BLUE- AFI Conservatory, Director/Producer: Quinn Else
A Guide to Being Herman- USC Film School, Director: Sergio Zaciu
Furthest From- AFI Conservatory, Director: Kyung Sok Kim
Time Difference- London College of Communications, Director: Xuqin Sun
Pumpkin- CAL State LA, Television, Film & Media Studies, Director: Chris Collins

Join CineGear Film Series Competition October 3, 2020
Screenings: Noon – 5:17 pm PDT
After-Party: 5:20 pm – 6:20 pm

Free Registration and schedule: virtual-event/

Registrants will receive detailed instructions and online links to enjoy full participation in
the CineGear 2020 Film Series Competition.

This year’s virtual festival is brought to you by CineGear Expo in conjunction with
AutoDCP and Sunset Magicwerks, LLC. Sponsors include: Driving Plates, Litegear,
Cush Light, Duclos Lenses, ENTTEC, Moss LED, OWC, Quasar Science, Azden,
Grosso Kresser Vineyard, Band Pro Film and Digital, Fotodiox, InkTip, LA NY 411,
Ledgo Technology Limited, Litra, Sigma and Matthews Studio Equipment. For more
information, visit

August 10, 2020

OWC Sending Customer Content to Outer Space on the Envoy Pro
Tech leader holding contest for artists of all genres to have creative content included on an

upcoming rocket launch to space and back

Woodstock, IL – August 10, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC dockingsolutions and performance upgrade kits, today announced that the Envoy Pro Thunderbolt™ 3 external SSD will be going into space – and returning – with a leading space exploration developer’s upcoming launch. OWC is holding a contest for creatives to submit their videos, songs and images for consideration, for the chance to have that creative content included on the drive when it is sent into space.

Entrants are challenged to show the team at OWC what they’ve created. Participants can submit a video, a song, image(s), or any other type of content they have produced using an OWC product. Entries should be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram calling out @PoweredbyOWC and using #OWCInSpace in order for all content to be properly evaluated by the OWC team. Posts should mention which OWC product was used in the creative process. Winners will be contacted by DM, so be sure to follow @PoweredbyOWC on those platforms. The contest will begin accepting submissions on August 10 th and will do so through August 21st.

All submissions will be evaluated by executive and creative team members at OWC. Selected winning entrants will be uploaded onto the OWC Envoy Pro and launched into orbit with the September 2020 launch.

One grand-prize winning entry will receive a 16” MacBook Pro, an LG 32” IPS 4K Thunderbolt monitor, and a specially-engraved OWC Envoy Pro. The top ten first-prize winning selected content providers will receive a specially engraved version of the OWC Envoy Pro drive. All winning submissions will receive a certificate of participation and a commemorative patch following the rocket launch and return. All prizes will be distributed following the launch and return of the rocket.

Contest Guidelines:
Contestants are asked to upload an original video or song between one to two minutes in length, or an image or multiple images. Show OWC your out-of-this-world work, and show the world why OWC solutions are the key to unlocking true creative potential. Guidelines for submission: all entries should be English-language content only, or if in another language, please use English subtitles. All voting results will be final, and the winners will be notified by DM, so be sure to follow @PoweredbyOWC on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Entering the contest is easy, just post content beginning August 10 th .

For contest details visit: OWC in Space. Key points are:

  • The opening date for submissions is August 10th, 2020. Entrants will need access to social media platforms in order to participate.

  • Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PM Central Time, August 21st, 2020.

  • Winners will be notified by DM on or before August 26th, 2020 and announced on or before August 26th, 2020. Follow @PoweredbyOWC on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.


"We have known for many years that our customers include some of the most talented and creative people around, and we want to give them the chance to have a part in this adventure with us,” said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "OWC is proud to provide storage and upgrades that keep our customers’ content and creations safe for years, and we can’t wait to see the entries, get them on the space-bound Envoy Pro, and back here to Earth!”

Send your family into space…
In addition to the contest, OWC will also be sending photos into space! Open to everyone 18 and older, the photos can be of anything that is significant to the photographer – a family photo, a pet, a travel image, a selfie – something important that you’d like to share with the galaxy! The collected images will be uploaded to the Envoy Pro, and contributors will receive a certificate of participation following space travel. Images should be within community standards; OWC will not utilize nor acknowledge any images outside the parameters. Anyone submitting an image will need a verifiable email in order to receive certificate of participation. Images can be
uploaded through the OWC website.

Open to legal US residents 18 and over. Limit one entry per person. Entrants must comply with the submission policy. OWC reserves the right to disqualify any submission that does not follow the guidelines and content restrictions listed in the terms and conditions. OWC reserves the right to utilize every entry for promotional purposes. Winners will be notified via DM; be sure to follow @PoweredbyOWC on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Prizes are nontransferable and no substitution will be made. Entrants agree to receive OWC special offers via email. Void where prohibited.

For submission policy information please visit:

OWC respects our community’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech. However, in accordance
with our community standards, we reserve the right to reject all material that is obscene, offensive,
insulting, derogatory, defamatory, and intimidating to any and all classes of individuals.


August 6, 2020

OWC Raises the Bar on 2019 Mac Pro Upgrades with Inspired New Wheels Kit

OWC Rover Pro is the pioneering alternative mobility solution that installs in minutes

Woodstock, IL – August 6, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC dockingsolutions and performance upgrade kits reveals the new OWC Rover Pro – a toolless, patent-pending made in the USA design that allows users to add wheels to the 2019 Mac Pro in under two minutes. Factory-finish, matching stainless-steel housings feature 360-degree articulating wheels with non-marring soft rubber tread install and include stops to keep your Mac Pro in place and offer the freedom of mobility when needed.

Ingenious “Wheels On/Wheels Off” Design
The OWC Rover Pro is the innovative mobility solution for the 2019 Mac Pro. The patent-pending design enables your Mac Pro to go “wheels on/wheels off” in under two minutes while saving time and money vs the factory wheel kit.

Easy Toolless Install
No tools, no hassle, no worry: simply place your Mac Pro’s factory feet into the Rover Pro’s polished stainless-steel housings and secure with a few hand twists. When you’re done moving your Mac Pro around, the Rover Pro allows quick and easy conversion back to the factory feet for stationary use.

Smooth, Silent, Safe
Industrial-strength soft rubber tread wheels with 360-degree articulating rotation and low friction bearings let you move your 2019 Mac Pro silently and effortlessly on any surface. Pull it across the studio, rotate it under your desk for convenient port access… the Rover Pro lets you easily put your Mac Pro where you want it while safely preserving your floor’s finish.

Stays in Place
The Rover Pro includes wheel stops that prevent any unintended movement. When not in use, the stops conveniently clip to the casters so they’re immediately ready to help get the job done wherever you need to with a wheel kit built for rolling and securing a 2019 Mac Pro on any surface.


  • Unique: patent-pending made in USA design

  • Fast toolless install: hand tightens in under 2 minutes

  • Highly positional: 360-degree articulating wheels

  • Smooth and silent: non-marking soft rubber tread wheels with low friction bearings

  • Elegant: highly polished stainless-steel matches the Mac Pro

  • Protective: vibration absorbing silicone rubber pad preserves factory feet finish

  • Secure: wheel stops prevent unintended movement

  • Quality: built to be the best and backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

“The OWC Rover Pro Wheels Kit is one of the most creative accessories we’ve been able to develop for the 2019 Mac Pro, this is fun with a purpose,” said OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. “Even going beyond the alternative wheel offerings, we are proud to have this made in the USA design to offer our customers another option, one that saves money, is designed for quick and easy installation, and complements their machine. At OWC, we’ve always been about helping our customers get the most out of whatever machine they are using, inside and out, and for us this is a logical continuation of that mandate.”

The OWC Rover Pro is available to order now with special limited-time pricing at, and will begin shipping in September.

July 16, 2020

OWC Speeds Up Productivity 10X with Updated Thunderbolt™ 3 10G Ethernet Adapter

Bus-powered portable adapter gives Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped Macs and PCs with no or slow Ethernet connectivity 900MB/s real-world speed to reduce transfer times from minutes to seconds

WOODSTOCK, IL – July 16, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and
one of the world’s most respected providers of
Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking
and performance upgrade kits, today announced the availability of the Thunderbolt™ 3 10G
Ethernet Adapter with real-world speed over 900MB/s so you can transfer a 50GB file in under a minute,
perform video editing, and live stream gaming sessions.

Connecting the OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter to your Thunderbolt 3-equipped Mac or
PC adds warp speed file transfers to your workflow. Now you can access 10GBASE-T 10Gb
Ethernet networks or Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices to transfer large multimedia files at over
900MB/s real-world speed. While improving project efficiency and workgroup collaboration with
the quickest network connection available, the OWC Adapter is also backwards compatible
with other Ethernet standards including 5GBASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, 1000BASE-T, and 100BASE-Tx. 

Bottleneck-Free Editing Collaboration
Improving project efficiency and workgroup collaboration, the Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter
keeps teams aligned and project budgets in-check as it gives multiple workstations the maximum data
capacity for sharing and editing creative content requiring large volumes of data like video, animation,
and graphics. Editing can take place directly from files on a shared RAID storage device without the
inefficiencies of downloading files to individual workstations.

Maximizes Small Office or Home Office Networks
Without having to incur the extra expense of a full 10Gb Ethernet network yet maintain optimum
performance, creative professionals in SMBs or home offices are connecting to a 2.5-5Gb/s equipped
router or switch. Unfortunately, these pros are often limited to Gigabit Ethernet (1Gb/s) speed by their
computer. By simply adding the OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter to their machine,
photographers, videographers, musicians, and other creative pros can now enjoy greater signal
reliability, stability, and security with up to 5x faster speed on 2.5-5Gb/s networks and up to 10x faster
speed on 1Gb/s Ethernet networks.

Dramatically Increases Performance and ROI of Existing Networks
With an ideal combination of affordability and performance, most wired local area networks installed
over the past two decades utilize Cat5e or Cat 6 copper cabling. Those setups are limited to a maximum
1Gb/s speed. With built-in 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T technology (formerly NBASE-T), the OWC
Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter can deliver up to 5Gb/s speed over existing cabling for up to a
500% performance increase and maximum infrastructure ROI.

Pro Audio Video AVB Ready 
Time-sensitive data such as audio and video media streams require Audio Video Bridging (IEEE
802.1Qav, AVB) ready gear. No sweat…the OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter can stream high
volumes of high-quality data in real-time to multiple destinations with very low latency over existing
network cable.

Access Your Work and Home Computer Anytime, Anywhere
The Wake-on-LAN support can easily wake a hibernated Windows or sleeping Mac computer for remote
system management, program use, and stored file access. Instead of having an “always on” system
wasting energy and your hard-earned money, you can keep a work or home computer in a low power
state of readiness that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Blazing-fast: over 900MB/s real-world tested transfer speed for large file transfers, video

  • editing, and live streaming gaming sessions

  • Compatible: use with any Thunderbolt 3-equipped Mac or Windows computer

  • Capable: Up to 100-meter cable distance with Cat6a for 10G, Cat6 for 5G, and Cat5e for 2.5G

  • Smart: supports auto-negotiation for 10Gb/s, 5Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s, 1Gb/s and 100Mb/s Base-T

  • Ethernet standards

  • Accessible: Wake-on-LAN ready for remote access of home or work computer

  • AVB ready: perfect for use in pro audio and video applications where synchronization of data

  • streams is critical

  • Cost effective: 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T technology (formerly NBASE-T) provides up to 500%

  • faster performance over existing cabling

  • Cool: ventilated aluminum heatsink housing maximizes heat dissipating airflow

  • Easy setup: connect the included Thunderbolt 3 cable and connect to your network

  • Covered: 1-year OWC Limited Warranty

The Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter is available now at with an MSRP of $149.00.

July 3, 2020

ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo

Save the Date: July 15-17, 2020

ZEISS has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting cancellation of live events by launching the ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo. From 15 to 17 July 2020, the virtual trade show booth allows visitors and customers to interact with ZEISS. With interactive content and live presentations, the international ZEISS team is providing a look at new products such as the new Supreme Prime focal lengths, as well as ongoing projects and topics.

The ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo booth will be available online from 15 July. The virtual trade show booth will also stay online after 17 July until autumn 2020.

Go to for more details.

June 9, 2020

Revitalize Older Macs and PCs to Like-New Performance with the Massive new 4TB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD

Universal fit, best-in-class internal 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSD delivers sustained performance for everyone from performance enthusiasts to production professionals, now in up to an immense 4TB capacity

WOODSTOCK, IL — June 9, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDsMac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, announced the availability of the new Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD, in capacities from 240GB up to 4TB. OWC’s newest 2.5-inch SATA SSD is among the most versatile and reliable on the planet, featuring state-of-the-art components and engineering that bring older Macs and PCs up to current model performance levels.

The Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD is ideal for audio, video, photography editing, and production, for users who require sustained performance. They are the standard for use in video capture with Black Magic cameras, AJA and more, in situations where sustained write performance is critical, and when a drop in performance can lead to lost frames and production time. Some drives drop to 50-60MB/s after their cache is exhausted, but the Mercury Extreme Pro is up to 10x faster performance than what many drives deliver today after their peak speed is exhausted with as little as 2-3 percent of the drive written. When sustained performance is non-negotiable, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD has users covered end to end.

A 10-year Legacy of Class-Leading Performance and Reliability
When the first Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD was launched nearly a decade ago, it was built to be the fastest, most reliable, and longest endurance 2.5-inch SATA Solid State Drive available on the market. The evolution of OWC’s premier 2.5-inch SATA SSD continues that legacy with up to 5X faster performance over the entirety of its capacity compared to other drives. For Macs or PCs with a 6G SATA drive bay, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD is the fastest 2.5-inch SSD available today, with rock-solid engineering to keep users working full speed ahead throughout its life for a lower Total Cost of

Revitalize Beloved Macs & PCs into Modern Day Workhorses
With users’ investment in apps plus time devoted to getting that beloved Mac or PC configured just the way they like, it makes sense for users to maximize the lifespan and longevity of their machine before retiring it. By revitalizing any Mac or PC with a Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD, it can be transformed to like-new performance levels. Built using today’s highest quality NAND flash memory and controller design, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD delivers sustained real-world tested read/write speeds over 500MB/s throughout its storage capacity. From faster boots and application launch times to greatly improved system responsiveness, users will love using their “new” computer at a fraction of the cost of
buying the latest model.


  • Ideal for high-performance computing, gaming, RAID, and audio/video/photo editing and capture applications including in-camera

  • Starts Fast, Stays Fast: maintains consistent read/write speeds exceeding 500MB/s over entire drive capacity, many other drives slow down after only 2-3 percent use

  • Saves Money: use drive until full vs. replacing slowed down drive

  • Big Space: up to 4TB capacity for the largest projects

  • A/V Ready: use with Blackmagic, SoundDevice, Atomos devices

  • Universal Fit: includes full-sized spacer for 100% secure and compatible use in applications with 9.5mm drive height

  • Peace of Mind Ownership: 5-Year Limited Warranty with award-winning live support

  • Supercharges Macs and PCs: ideal for both notebooks and desktops

“With each passing day audio, video and graphic applications are demanding more and more from our machines whether you are an enthusiast or a production pro, and older Macs and PCs just can’t keep up with those demands,” said OWC founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. “Most of our loyal customers are very fond of their current laptops and desktops and can’t stand the thought of spending thousands to replace them, which is why we live by the mantra ‘repair don’t replace.’ Our new state-of-the-art Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD sets a new benchmark for performance, reliability and warranty support in this category, and is the culmination of over a decade of brilliant engineering innovation by OWC.”

Pricing & Availability
The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 4TB 2.5-inch SSD is available now at for $899.75. The
Mercury Extreme Pro 6G line starts at 240GB for $79.75.

April 23, 2020

OWC Doubles Capacity in Award-winning SSDs

Tech leader unveils first-to-market 4TB blades for maximum speeds and massive portable storage

WOODSTOCK, IL — April 23, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company founded in 1988, and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, is first to announce the availability of a 4TB M.2 drive. For the first time ever, the new 4TB Aura P12 M.2 NVMe SSDs will be utilized in OWC’s Envoy Pro EX line (Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C) for 4TB of portable storage, as well as the ThunderBlade and Accelsior 4M2, which will each now offer up to a whopping 16TB of storage.


The Aura P12 SSDs give users the freedom to dramatically up their game, utilizing 3D NAND flash memory and security features including TCG Opal and TCG Pyrite. These SSDS are engineered to give users the best and longest working life, with read speeds up to 3400MB/s and write speeds up to 3000MB/s, a perfect blend for media-heavy projects, on-location downloads and faster previews, renders and processing in audio and VFX programs.


The award-winning Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 and Envoy Pro EX USB-C are now offering up to 4TB of lightweight, robust and impact-resistant portable storage, and allow users to work anywhere in real-time, on transfer tasks including multistream video and intricate data files. With transfer speeds up to 2800MB/s (Thunderbolt 3) and 980MB/s (USB-C), respectively, the Envoy Pro EX line offers rugged, award-winning designs, lightning-fast speeds and now the ability to easily take 4TB of capacity along in a backpack, gear bag or even a pocket.


The Accelsior 4M2 PCIe M.2 NVMe internal SSD delivers over 6,000MB/s real-world speeds, now in a giant 16TB capacity, ideal for VR/AR/MR environments, compute-intensive applications and large format video editing.


And for creative professionals and prosumers capturing and processing 4K or 8K video, the award-winning ThunderBlade, now available with up to 16TB capacity, can be the difference between staying under budget and on-schedule on a project – or not. With dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and capable of connecting multiple drives with SoftRAID, transfer speeds of up to 2800MB/s are off the charts and a 1TB content transfer can be completed in under four-and-a-half minutes.


For a little wow-inducing perspective, 4TB users of the Envoy Pro EX will be able to store up to 800,000 images, 5.7 hours 4K RAW footage or 166 hours of GoPro 4K footage. With the 16TB ThunderBlade or Accelsior 4M2, users will be able to capture almost an entire day – 22.7 hours - of 4K RAW footage, or almost a full month of GoPro 4K footage, at 665 hours (or 27 days)!


“Our SSDs have traditionally been a knockout with professionals and prosumers across industries, especially those who have a truly demanding workflow in rugged environments or studio spaces,” said OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. “We are very excited to be the first to offer this 4TB Aura P12 SSD to expand our Envoy Pro EX, ThunderBlade and Accelsior 4M2 line-ups. We know that users will get the highest performance they’ve ever experienced and can continue to count on OWC for superior reliability.”



The newest SSD capacities are backed by a 3-Year OWC Limited Warranty and are available for pre-order now at with an early-May ship date for the ThunderBlade, Accelsior 4M2, Aura P12 and the Envoy Pro EX with USB-C. The Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 will begin shipping mid-May.


April 22, 2020

OWC Celebrates Earth Day at 50 With Continued Green Leadership


Tech leader’s newest locations will follow long company tradition of solar panel array installations

WOODSTOCK, IL — April 21, 2020OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company founded in 1988, and one of the world’s most respected providers of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, has opened two new facilities and announced that one facility has recently been equipped with the maximum in solar capability and the other will soon be equipped. OWC has always taken an approach of ‘waste not, want not’ in avoiding planned obsolescence, extending the life and performance of existing hardware, and maximizing the benefits of finite resources required to do so. OWC applies the same consideration to resources it utilizes and sees environmental stewardship as the only the right thing to do for future generations. And with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, OWC is primed to widely expand their green practices with these additional solar power installations coming online that add to already significant solar and wind generation and many other operational aspects that recognize the pricelessness of our environment.


OWC’s Austin, TX team moved into a larger facility late in 2019 and recently had a solar installation consisting of 696 American-made SunPower solar panels installed across their new corporate park. The panels will provide up to 355,000kWh/yr. of power, or 48% of the power used by the buildings in that location. The array was installed in early March,  and based upon work from home coronavirus restrictions, will hopefully be inspected and generating power by May.

The OWC service and upgrade team moved from the existing Woodstock, IL headquarters into a newly-renovated 14,000 sq./ft. space this month. The move was necessitated by the requirement for additional room and team members, allowing OWC to expand upon its sales of used Macs and build-outs and servicing of both used Macs and customers’ machines that are sent directly to OWC for repairs and upgrades. The plan for the additional Woodstock facility will include the installation of 154 solar panels. Continuing in OWC’s long tradition of recycling, the current plan is the installation of the panels originally utilized on the roof of OWC’s first Austin location that first went online in 2015. 

“Everyone on the team at OWC is proud to take part in making the environment a priority,” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder and CEO. “This green mandate OWC has always lived is top-to-bottom, from this business starting as the reuse/re-inking of printer ink ribbons, expanding to giving customers the power to perform their own upgrades and keep their machines running better and longer, to now the recycling, shipping, cleaning, power, and more that every team member participates in at every OWC location. It is exciting to be celebrating Earth Day at 50, and to know that we are all making a difference in the world around us, for the better.”


OWC has a proud history of green power support and generation. A Vestas V39/500 wind turbine went operational at OWC headquarters in Woodstock in October of 2009. OWC quickly became the first manufacturer/distributor in the U.S. to become 100% on-site wind powered. The wind turbine alone in Woodstock generates more power than is consumed at this location, where most of OWC’s team members work, estimated at 265,650kWh/yr. Additional clean power produced by wind and sun is pushed back out onto the local grid. Beyond solar and wind power, OWC currently recycles 97 percent of its solid waste materials and received LEED® Platinum Certification from the Green Building Certification Institute for the headquarters in 2010.


OWC is regularly engaged with environmentally-conscious organizations and artists. Current projects include Kiss the Ground and “Eating Our Way to Extinction”. Kiss the Ground inspires participation around climate, soil, food and the future of Earth itself. The film shows how regenerative agriculture can sequester the carbon from the atmosphere and balance the Earth’s climate in a matter of decades. The “Kiss the Ground Movie” is narrated by Woody Harrelson, features Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Ian Sommerhalder, and Patricia Arquette, all strong advocates for environmental advancements. It has been accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival and will be distributed in the coming months. “Eating Our Way to Extinction” is a cinematic documentary film set to premiere later this year. It focuses on issues around environment, health, compassion, and economics and is one piece of an entire educational plan designed to reduce consumption of food types that lead to increases in greenhouse gases and/or the destruction of natural resources.

OWC is also continuing to work with Jam in the Van, the world’s first and only solar-powered mobile recording studio. Jam in the Van is a robust content workspace, video production house and live event production team. They offer an authentic and engaging space where artists and fans can interact, typically crossing the country visiting top music festivals. During this time, the studio is offering stay-at-home performances from artists that can be seen through their YouTube and other social channels.

OWC has always believed the economic reality is that, with careful planning and a little team effort, sustainability is synonymous with success. The tech leader has always sought to provide customers with products that allow them to maximize the longevity of their technology products and to improve the performance of those products, keeping more electronics out of landfills for a longer period of time. 2020 sees the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; OWC will continue to live every day as Earth Day and encourages others to do so as well.


April 15, 2020

Shutterstock Announces New Footage Subscription for Increased Accessibility to Fresh Content

Faced with challenges to produce high-quality video content at scale, new footage subscription provides content creators with efficient solutions to meet market demands

New York, NY, April 15, 2020 - Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today announced the launch of an annual subscription for Shutterstock Footage. Shutterstock’s collection of 18+ million HD and 4K video clips are now available for license through a range of cost-effective monthly plan options or for less than $9 per clip through an annual plan. 


eMarketer recently forecasted that US adults will spend 108 minutes per day with digital video in 2020 and this number will increase to just under 2 hours by 2021, further highlighting the need for fresh video content. The new footage subscription is geared toward digital content creators, including video editors, freelancers, and social media managers, who need more flexibility while still accessing a breadth of high-quality, diverse and authentic content. 


“Producing a video shoot can be costly and challenging, particularly in situations where production and location-based shoots are restricted, as they are now. Film producers, video editors and marketers have always leveraged our footage to deliver both continuity in a scene, as well as entire video narratives, but with the additional recent challenges of social distancing guidelines and restrictions on gatherings, today’s producers are looking for flexible resources to help them deliver on projects,” said Jamie Elden, CRO at Shutterstock. “With video consumption trends increasing now more than ever, the market needs to quickly and easily access fresh, relevant and affordable content.”


Shutterstock adds more than 75,000 HD and 4K clips every day, providing customers with an ever-current collection. Additionally, the advanced search capabilities including search by Frames Per Second (FPS), duration, resolution, or category, enable video creators, editors and marketers to quickly find what they’re looking for. 


New footage pricing options include the ability to choose from 10 or 20 clips a month, with annual upfront, annual monthly, and month-to-month billing options available. Learn more about the new pricing options here


March 31 2020

Shutterstock Announces Footage Library Availability for Mobile Users 

Application users can now search, save, and license over 17 million videos on-the-go with Shutterstock mobile apps 

New York, NY, March 31, 2020 - Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today announced its footage offering is now available for license on the customer iOS and Android applications in SD, HD, and 4K. With over 17 million videos in the collection, searching, saving and licensing footage content allows customers to create engaging video content from a mobile or tablet device. 


Mobile video advertising is growing at a rapid pace. According to eMarketer, mobile video ad spending in the US will increase by 24.6% to $28.52 billion in 2020. Whether it’s a social media manager creating a video ad or a creative director building a footage collection on their commute, the Shutterstock app now supports a mobile-only workflow for footage content creators. 


“As consumers spend more and more time on their devices, marketers are adapting their strategies to reach them there. As a result, we’ve seen many customers transition to mobile-only campaign creation and execution,” said Jamie Elden, Chief Revenue Officer at Shutterstock. “This update enables a new generation of producers and content creators to access footage in seconds to quickly and easily create on-the-go - perhaps while on location. We are committed to continuously innovating our products and streamlining the creative process as the needs of our customers continue to evolve.”


The mobile app browsing experience also includes the computer-vision powered discovery tool, Visually Similar Video, to help users surface more content that looks similar to a selected clip. This proprietary Shutterstock technology relies on pixel data within images - rather than metadata collected through keywords and tagging - to help identify and surface relevant content.


Explore Shutterstock’s footage offering on the customer application for iOS here and for Android here.

March 26, 2020

OWC Unveils the Newest Iteration of its Wildly Popular Mercury Elite Pro External Storage Solution for Creative Pros, Gamers, SMBs and Today’s Digital Family

Featuring real-world speeds of 283MB/s and capacities up to 16TB, it’s the perfect blend of performance, reliability and value in a desktop-sized external drive for any USB-equipped Mac or PC

Ready for Play

The Mercury Elite Pro is up to virtually any task with its rugged, solid aluminum enclosure holding a high- performance 3.5-inch 7200RPM hard disk drive with up to 16TB capacity. It can be used for a variety of personal and business needs including pro-level video editing projects, Time Machine and File History backups of important data, migrating data from an existing machine to a new computer, expanding game storage of console gaming systems, or just freeing up space on a computer’s internal drive to improve performance.

Purposefully Designed
Offering an ideal blend of form and function, the Mercury Elite Pro’s fanless brushed aluminum chassis provides maximum heat dissipation to run quietly and cool, while the shock isolation design keeps the drive and your data safe and protected. It fits discreetly on any desktop with the included vertical orientation stand or place it horizontally with the included non-skid rubber feet.

Ready for Play

The Mercury Elite Pro isn’t just all work and no play. Besides saving and backing up computer data or functioning as a workhorse drive on-set or in the edit suite, it can be used to watch videos, listen to music, and view pictures through your gaming console or directly attached to your Smart TV.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Highlights

• Pro-grade performance: up to 283MB/s real-world speed
• Spacious: up to 16TB capacity for music, videos, photos, business files, and game storage
• Easy backups: Apple Time Machine and Windows File History ready
• Quiet: heat-dissipating brushed aluminum chassis and fanless venting provide cool, nearly 
silent operation
• Rugged: built-in shock isolation protects drive
• Space efficient: includes matching vertical stand
• Flexible: includes non-skid rubber feet for secure horizontal use
• Compatible: use with Mac, Windows, and Linux machines; PS4 and Xbox consoles; and 
Smart TVs.
• Deployment ready: pre-configured solutions undergo rigorous multi-step certification
• Peace of Mind Ownership: Up to 3 Year Limited Warranty with 1 Year Level 1 data recovery and lifetime US-based live support


The OWC Mercury Elite Pro external storage system is available now at in capacities from 1TB to 16 TB with prices starting at $109.00, or as an add-your-own drive 0GB enclosure for $49.00.


OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company

and one of the world’s most respected providers of hard drives

SSDsMac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits,

today announced the latest edition of its legendary Mercury Elite

Pro external storage system for Mac, PC, Linux machines, Smart

TVs, and PS4 and Xbox consoles. The 3.5-inch USB 3.2 5Gb/s hard

drive system is a modern day workhorse, delivering real-world

performance up to 283MB/s and capacities up to 16TB to keep

pace with the demands of creative workflows, business users,

booming family storage needs and critical file backups.

The Essential External Storage Solution for Everyone
The Mercury Elite Pro kicked off OWC’s rich, storied history of

storage solution innovations nearly 20 years ago, and it has

successfully stood the test of time by continuing to offer an

incomparable blend of performance, quality, and value in a

single HDD storage solution.


January 15, 2020

Shutterstock Announces Top Creative Trends

for 2020


The data-led report predicts image, video and music styles set to dominate marketing campaigns, advertising creative and video projects throughout the year

New York, NY, January 15, 2020 - Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK),  a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today launched its ninth annual Creative Trends Report, identifying global and local trends that will influence design aesthetics and visual culture in 2020.

Shutterstock Announces Top Creative Trends for 2020

According to eMarketer, growth in average daily time spent with video increased by 11% among users in 2018, making it the fastest-growing digital media activity. The increasing consumption of visual media challenges brands to keep up with sharing compelling visual content that engages their target audience. This report provides data-led insights for brands, marketers and creatives to keep their content fresh and relevant, and to drive better performance for their marketing campaigns.

The three major creative trends for 2020 include:

  • The Roaring 2020s - a century after the loud and lavish 1920s, the look that defined an era is back and on the center stage globally in 2020. Searches for "gold pattern" are up 4223% year-over-year and ''20s retro" saw an increase of 189% from the previous year.

  • Occulture - alternative faiths and age-old beliefs are enchanting Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, showing renewed interest in mainstream channels and on social media networks in particular. Customers are searching for keywords like "magic" and "spiritual" an impressive 525% and 289% more respectively over last year.

  • In Full Bloom - forget elegant arrangements and delicate displays. The floral visuals of tomorrow are big, bright and in full bloom. The 141% surge in searches for "flowerscape" and 136% uptick for "bloom" make this a vivid trend for the year ahead.

"This year's data points toward the pursuit of meaning, happiness, and opportunity in new  creative projects—traits that may be reflective of the uncertainty in our climate and the year ahead," said Lou Weiss, CMO at Shutterstock. "The analysis, which is grounded in data from billions of keyword searches made by marketers, social media managers, video producers and designers, provides a glimpse into the creative trends that we expect to engage consumers on a much bigger scale. It also serves as a source of inspiration for our customers and contributors as they develop creative projects in 2020."

In addition to the three major trends, the report outlines local favorites in 25 countries around the world, as well as five rising trends that promise to gain traction in 2020. Rising trends range from design mainstays like "minimalistic black" and traditional arts including "Chinese ink painting" to elegant photography and modernized visuals such as "wild life" and sports photography. This year's report not only offers hand-curated collections for each of the trends from Shutterstock images, video and music, but also includes images from Offset and Shutterstock Editorial as well.

The annual report analyzes data gathered over a 12-month period from billions of customer searches for images, footage, and music content. The data, combined with analysis from Shutterstock's internal visual intelligence panel pinpoint patterns and styles that have the potential to stand out. As themes emerge, the panel confers to determine the trends they expect to command creative projects in 2020.

Explore the full 2020 Creative Trends Report here.

About Shutterstock, Inc.
Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: 
SSTK), directly and through its group subsidiaries, is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed photographsvectorsillustrationsvideos and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world. Working with its growing community of over 1 million contributors, Shutterstock adds hundreds of thousands of images each week, and currently has more than 300 million images and more than 17 million video clips available.

Headquartered in New York City, Shutterstock has offices around the world and customers in more than 150 countries. The company's brands also include Bigstock, a value-oriented stock media offering; Shutterstock Custom, a custom content creation platform; Offset, a high-end image collection; PremiumBeat, a curated royalty-free music library; and Shutterstock Editorial, a premier source of editorial images for the world's media.

For more information, please visit and follow Shutterstock on Twitter and on Facebook.

January 5, 2020

OWC Takes Data Protection and Drive Performance to New Heights with SoftRAID Standard for both macOS and Windows Machines and SoftRAID Pro for Macs

Software RAID platform for macOS and Windows that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster

performance and protects against data loss

CES 2020, LAS VEGAS — January 5, 2020 OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology
company and one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of
hard drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, today announced the release of its new OWC SoftRAID Standard software for macOS and Windows machines along with SoftRAID Pro for macOS. SoftRAID is the powerful yet easy-to-use software RAID platform that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster performance, and protects against data loss. It’s ideal for voluminous data roles including audio/video production and editing, photography, graphic design, database servers, financial applications, and more. Easy Setup automates disk configuration and makes setup recommendations. Users work worry-free with disks checked and verified before use plus early warnings prevent unexpected disk failure.

Improving A Proven History
While becoming a leading developer of external drives over the past two decades, OWC began offering multi-drive units pre-configured with SoftRAID to offer customers enhanced data storage capabilities. Because SoftRAID proved to offer many of the same attributes our customers expect from our hardware, OWC acquired SoftRAID in 2014 so hardware and software teams could work together daily to create the easiest to use, most fully-featured software RAID package available.

The Security of Advanced Monitoring
Getting work done fast while keeping your data safe is paramount. When it comes to protection, SoftRAID was designed to keep you working worry-free. SoftRAID checks and verifies new disks for errors before use, warns you when a disk is about to fail, and even keeps you working if you lose a drive. All these advanced monitoring tools work in the background to ensure you're constantly protected from a catastrophic, project-killing data loss.

Unchain Hardware RAID Limitations
SoftRAID unshackles you from expensive hardware RAID technology that’s not upgradeable or e
xpandable. With SoftRAID, you can spread volumes over two or more drive enclosures for mind-boggling performance over a single hardware RAID device. Additionally, SoftRAID utilizes your computer’s advanced processing power versus the slow processors found in most hardware RAID enclosures. The result is a fast and flexible RAID array that doesn’t impact your computer system or applications.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SoftRAID over a hardware RAID is that you’re not locked into specific hardware in order to access your data. With SoftRAID, you can replace a bad enclosure or upgrade, and the drives can be moved to that enclosure where you can access your data without skipping a beat. In contrast, if a hardware RAID system fails and it’s out of production or supported anymore, all the data could be lost.

• Flexible: create RAID 0, 1 volumes with SoftRAID Standard (Windows and Mac)
• Advanced: create RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 6+, 1+0 (10) volumes and get email notifications for drive
and RAID volume health with SoftRAID Pro (Mac only)
• Verified: volume validation ensures sectors can be read, parity is correct, and volume failure is
• Certified: drives are checked before use to ensure they are safe for data storage
• Vigilant: early warning prediction helps protect against unexpected drive failure
• Cross-platform ready: Built-in MacDrive technology lets you exchange SoftRAID arrays between
Windows and macOS computers
• Outperforms: up to 86% faster than AppleRAID
• Thorough: full TRIM support improves internal and external SSD performance in all RAID levels
• Risk-free: 30-day free trial of fully functional application

SoftRAID Standard & SoftRAID Pro
With SoftRAID Standard, Mac and PC users can create super-fast RAID 0 sets or ultra-secure RAID 1 sets,
certify new disks before use, receive warnings when a disk is about to fail, and restore data quickly with
fast rebuilding.

SoftRAID Pro gives macOS users all the features found in SoftRAID Standard, plus five advanced RAID
levels - RAID 4, 5, 6, 6+, 1+0 (10) - to offer even more protection and data security options. Plus receive
real-time email notification of disk errors so users can take immediate action to protect their data.

The Cross-Platform Workflow Consolidator
Sharing data between Macs and PCs has never been easier. Built with MacDrive technology (an OWC
software technology), SoftRAID allows users to create, read, and write HFS+ RAID sets on both macOS
and Windows computers so you’ll never have to worry about disk formats again.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial
Sudden disk failure can cost time, money, and quite possibly your business. Eliminate that risk by trying SoftRAID completely free for 30 days and see firsthand how it can protect mission-critical data. Fully functional with no features disabled, this SoftRAID trial provides all the great disk checking, monitoring, and easy volume creation attributes that made SoftRAID the most popular RAID setup and management app for years.

After the 30-day free trial period, SoftRAID Standard will be available for $49.99 MSRP at the end of January and SoftRAID Pro will be available in the spring of 2020 for $179.99.

About OWC
Other World Computing (OWC), founded in 1988, is dedicated to helping Mac and PC enthusiasts do more and
reach higher. OWC creates and delivers the best storage, connectivity, software and expansion solutions for
performance, reliability and longevity to enhance, accelerate and extend the capabilities of technology. We believe in sustainability and OWC solutions are truly built to last, go the distance, and enable users to maximize the technology investment they have already made. True sustainability is good business – maximizing existing hardware vs. starting over or needing to replace saves time, money and benefits the environment and resources we all share. OWC’s operation provides leadership in business sustainability, with our headquarters among the first in the world awarded LEED Platinum Certification and running as a net provider of renewable wind and solar energy to the local power grid. OWC features an award-winning technical support team, as well as an unparalleled library of step-by-step DIY and informational videos. From the home desktop to the enterprise rack, to the audio recording studio to the motion picture set and beyond, there should be no compromise, and that is why OWC is here.

January 2, 2020

OWC Showcasing the Products Consumers and Pros Need to Improve and Preserve Their Digital Life and Workflows at CES 2020

Innovative storage, connectivity and expansion solutions presented at CES Unveiled and

ShowStoppers press events plus Venetian Suite 30-105

WOODSTOCK, Ill., January 2, 2020 - OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company
and one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of hard drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions
and performance upgrade kits will exhibit a full lineup of pioneering new hardware and software
products at CES 2020, which runs January 7-10 in Las Vegas. OWC will be attending CES Unveiled on
January 5, CES ShowStoppers on January 7, and will showcase these technological advances in its
Venetian Hotel suite throughout the show.


Press and industry associates are invited to meet with OWC executives to experience their forward-thinking product innovations at the following venues:

CES Unveiled, (Booth 304)
January 5, 2020
5 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Shorelines Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay

CES ShowStoppers, (Table A-5)
January 7, 2020
6 p.m. -10 p.m.
Lafite Ballroom, Wynn Hotel

OWC Product Showcase
January 7-10, 2020
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Venetian Hotel - Suite 30-105

Highlighting over 30 years of commitment to creating solutions both consumers and creative pros can
use to improve their digital lives and workflows, OWC is presenting the following solutions at CES 2020:

Mercury Elite Pro Dock – The Mercury Elite Pro Dock is the do-it-all tool that will organize your
digital life with incredible dual-drive RAID data storage with an integrated 7-port dock to deliver professional-level data performance along with robust connectivity that gives an order to everyone’s digital life or workflow. The Mercury Elite Pro Dock combats clutter and optimizes physical space as your single-cable connection that delivers storage, Ethernet sharing, charging power, USB ports, and 4K display support while nearly consolidating all peripheral device cables. The Mercury Elite Pro Dock is available now in capacities from 0GB (add your own drives)starting at $319.88, or from 4TB to 28TB with pricing starting at $519.99.

ThunderBay 8 – The ThunderBay 8 is a professional-grade, 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 storage solution for pros who refuse to compromise. Think of it as a high-performance personal data center offering a multitude of configuration possibilities and almost limitless storage capacity for filmmakers, video production gurus, photographers, graphic designers, and small business workgroups. The OWC ThunderBay 8 will be available in capacities from 0GB (add your own drives) for $749.99, and as populated solutions from 16TB to 112TB with pricing starting at $1,228.99.

ThunderBay Flex 8 – Whether you call it a workflow workhorse, a productivity platform, or a configurable command center, one description of the ThunderBay Flex 8 says it best. The ThunderBay Flex 8 was designed as the solution for the most advanced, demanding workflow needs. It’s a ground-breaking, industry-first, 3-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 storage, docking, and PCIe expansion solution from the world’s leading Thunderbolt accessory manufacturer. It offers 8 drive bays that support a mix of SATA/SAS/U.2 NVMe drives for up to 128TB of storage capacity.

Akitio Node Titan – The Akitio Node Titan is an external Graphics Processing Unit Enclosure (eGPU) that transforms notebooks or other slot-less computers (Mac mini, iMac, NUC, etc.) into high-performance gaming, video editing, and graphics workstation for a fraction of the cost of buying/building a new machine. It connects to a Thunderbolt 3-equipped computer and offers the power and space needed by today’s most popular double-wide full-length/full-height AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Play stunningly realistic high FPS games, perform rapid video renders and enjoy buttery smooth playback, run VR, AR, and animation apps, and use VR headsets without compromise.

Mercury Helios 3S – The most versatile tool OWC has ever developed, giving users, DIYers and
professionals the power to use best-in-class processing solutions for virtually any function, including storage, video and audio processing, networking and more. Instead of buying an array of function-specific Thunderbolt devices, the Mercury Helios 3S functions like a dock, allowing the use of a multitude of dedicated PCIe cards. The company will also showcase the OWC U.2 NVMe Interchange System, an optional companion to the Mercury Helios 3S, that converts it 
into a fast-swappable U.2 NVMe SSD storage system that revolutionizes production and post-production data storage with real-world-tested speeds up to 2631MB/s. The OWC Mercury Helios 3S PCIe Expansion Chassis is available for $229.99 MSRP. The OWC U.2 NVMe Interchange System for Mercury Helios 3S is sold separately with up to 16TB of storage starting at $69.99.

SoftRAID Standard and SoftRAID Pro – SoftRAID is the powerful yet easy-to-use software RAID
platform for macOS and Windows that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster performance and
protects against data loss. ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data including videographers, editors, audio producers, photographers, database and media managers, advertisers, archivers, and more. For work in a cross-platform environment, SoftRAID allows users to create, read, and write HFS+ RAID sets on both macOS and Windows computers so they will never have to worry about disk formats again. Users work worry-free with disks checked and verified before use plus, early warnings prevent unexpected disk failure. The SoftRAID Standard will be available for $49.99 and SoftRAID Pro will be available 
for $179.99. A 30-day free trial lets the user experience all the great features that have made SoftRAID the most popular RAID setup and management app for years.

The Mercury Elite Pro Dock is available now at The Mercury Helios 3S and U.2 NVMe
Interchange System, ThunderBay 8, ThunderBay Flex 8, Akitio Node Titan and SoftRAID Standard and Pro
will be available in Q1.

About OWC
Other World Computing (OWC), founded in 1988, is dedicated to helping Mac and PC enthusiasts do more and reach higher. OWC creates and delivers the best storage, connectivity, software and expansion solutions for performance, reliability, and longevity to enhance, accelerate and extend the capabilities of technology. We believe in sustainability and OWC solutions are truly built to last, go the distance, and enable users to maximize the technology investment they have already made. True sustainability is good business – maximizing existing hardware vs. starting over or needing to replace saves time, money and benefits the environment and resources we all share. OWC's operation provides leadership in business sustainability, with our headquarters among the first in the world awarded LEED Platinum Certification and running as a net provider of renewable wind and solar energy to the local power grid. OWC features an award-winning technical support team that is available 24/7, as well as an unparalleled library of step-by-step DIY and informational videos. From the home desktop to the enterprise rack, to the audio recording studio to the motion picture set and beyond, there should be no compromise, and that is why OWC is here.


November 19, 2019

Shutterstock Announces Unlimited Music Subscription and New Features

Content creators now have access to a range of track lengths as well as flexibility to license as needs arise 

New York, NY, November 19, 2019 - Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today announced the launch of an unlimited monthly subscription for Shutterstock Music. The new plan is geared toward digital content creators, including YouTubers, podcast producers, and social media managers, offering a cost-efficient solution to licensing unlimited high-quality tracks at $149 per month. 


Additionally, to meet the needs of short-form content projects, Shutterstock Music now offers shorter tracks for all license plans. Creating content for digital and social media channels requires tighter budgets, shorter timelines, and attention-grabbing messaging. Shorts, or shortened versions of a song (15, 30, and 60 seconds in length), and loops, a segment of a longer song that repeats indefinitely, are now available with every license purchased at no additional cost, enabling users to save time on edits after purchase.


With over 11,000 tracks, the Shutterstock Music library includes world-class music curated by professional musicians. The platform offers powerful filtering tools that allow users to search by genre, mood, popularity, among others. With hundreds of tracks added every month, the content is always fresh and Shutterstock Music publishes curated playlists of popular genres and regions. All Shutterstock music tracks are royalty-free and the standard license covers web-based and business usage, including conference presentations and trade-show booths.


“Today’s creatives are often working across multiple channels to create content for various projects and audiences. We launched the music subscription to make their lives much easier,” said Christopher Cosentino, VP of Product at Shutterstock. “Whether creating a social video, a conference presentation or a podcast, our new unlimited licensing option empowers creators to license music as their needs arise and frees them to focus on the creative vision rather than worrying about budget.”


Learn more about Shutterstock Music here

November 7, 2019

ZEISS Unveils New High-End Cinematography Optics: ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses

A Modern Lens, based on ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses, with Controlled Flares – orders possible by 31st March 2020! 


Oberkochen/Germany, 7 November 2019

ZEISS has unveiled the ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses, an exclusive new set of seven high-end cinematography lenses. The lenses are based on the high-speed ZEISS Supreme Prime lens family with the benefit of the new T*blue coating, which offers a distinctive look and consistent flares without any compromises.


“The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses deliver stunning, consistent flares across all focal lengths that cinematographers can create at will,” says Christophe Casenave, Product Manager for Cinema Products at ZEISS. “The new lens family has been infused with ZEISS’s experience and passion for premium-quality cinematography lenses – combined with its aspiration to support filmmakers throughout the creative process,” says Casenave.


Controlled images that exude artistic flair

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are available as a set of seven focal lengths of between 21 and 100 millimeters, all with a maximum aperture of T1.5. This makes it possible to capture subtle nuances, even in poor light.


“When we spoke to filmmakers and industry experts, we took a close look at the appeal of flares and their unique impact on the atmosphere of a movie,” says Casenave. He describes how ZEISS is responding to users’ needs to integrate flares to ensure greater creative freedom with the lenses: “We didn’t just want to reproduce the effects, but to create tools that would allow this effect to be achieved at any time and in a controlled manner, and so the T* blue coating was born.” The new coating allows users to create flares in the right light without any losses in contrast or transmission – and in the high quality that customers have come to expect from ZEISS.


The versatility of the lenses can be used to create this visual look, which is due to the smooth depth of field and elegant bokeh, thus meeting users’ every artistic wish – from a blockbuster to a high-end commercial or a film d’auteur. 


Compact, lightweight full-frame lenses

In addition to their flare behavior, the new lenses offer all the benefits of the ZEISS Supreme Primes. Thanks to their image circle diameter of 46.3 millimeters, they cover the current largeformat cinematography sensors and are as such compatible with the latest camera models, such as the Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa LF, and Mini LF and RED Monstro. Moreover, they feature a front diameter of 95 millimeters with consistently positioned focus and aperture rings. They weigh around 1,500 grams on average.


The lenses are equipped with the ZEISS eXtended Data metadata technology launched in 2017, providing frame-by-frame data on lens vignetting and distortion in addition to the standard metadata provided using the Cooke /i technology1 protocol. This simplifies and speeds up workflows, particularly for VFX and Virtual Production.


Limited availability

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are available to order from announcement until March 31st, 2020. The seven focal lengths – 21 mm T1.5, 25 mm T1.5, 29 mm T1.5, 35 mm T1.5, 50 mm T1.5, 85 mm T1.5 and 100 mm T1.5 – are available exclusively as a set from ZEISS Cinema dealers. The lenses will be delivered from April 2020 after the end of the ordering period.


From November, 9th -16th ,2019, ZEISS will be unveiling its ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses for the first time before a large audience at the CAMERIMAGE International Film Festival in Toruń, Poland. The short film R&R by Rodrigo Prieto (DOP of movies like The Irishman, The Wolf of Wall Street and Brokeback Mountain) shot with ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses, will also be shown at the festival. After CAMERIMAGE, ZEISS will be running a series of events at various rental houses around the world to give cinematographers the chance to try out the new lenses.


To find out more, please visit:


October 10, 2019

Reverse Search for Video  image.jpg

Shutterstock Announces Reverse Search for Video

Shutterstock's new Reverse Search for Video is a helpful search and discovery tool for videographers and video editors. Users can simply upload an image of their choosing and the AI-powered algorithm will instantly provide videos similar in look and feel to the original, making it easy to find footage resembling certain locations or specific light temperature, wall color, or object. Find out more here.


September 23, 2019

Vimeo Launches a New Way to Find and Hire Top-Tier Video Pros


Vimeo today introduced a new tool for businesses, brands, and agencies to find and hire world-class video professionals. The platform now offers a “For Hire” marketplace that provides anyone looking to produce a high-quality video with a simple, effective way to source the industry’s best talent for their project.

Those looking for professional video services can now post project requests, browse Vimeo’s global network of talent, and connect with available filmmakers, editors, videographers, animators, and more. Freelance video professionals can similarly search the listing pages for open jobs that match their expertise and find paid projects. Vimeo takes no commission or fee from the connections and projects created.

“Every business, brand, and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale. They have a continuous need to make high-quality content on a frequent basis. Right now, they rely on informal networks and word-of-mouth to find the right people to make those videos -- which is time-consuming and inefficient,” said Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. “Our new hiring tool fundamentally streamlines this process, by connecting those in need of talent with top-tier video pros from our global creative community. Anyone with a video project can easily find industry-leading pros available to work in their desired location, match their needs with the right skillsets and budget, and get their videos made. Best of all, Vimeo is empowering our creative community to get paid doing what they do best.”

At launch, Vimeo will feature job listings from businesses and brands like VaynerMedia and Square, and provide access to a community of over 30,000 video pros (including award-winning Vimeo Staff Pick filmmakers, animators, and artists like Sontenish MyersJordan BrunerDrew Christie and Eric Power).

Aaron Kovan, Chief Production Officer at VaynerMedia added, “We're always on the hunt for talented video pros to help us make our next video. Vimeo is already a great spot to get inspired and source talent, and we can't wait to use this new hiring tool.”

Key benefits for Video Pros include:

  • Connect directly with top video pros: Hirers can browse Vimeo’s community of world-class video professionals by budget, project type, location, skills and experience and post “for hire” listings to connect with qualified pros, fast. This allows them to focus precious bandwidth and resources on growing their bottom lines, not chasing down referrals or developing in-house video capabilities.

  • No fees or commissions: Unlike other hiring sites -- which can take up to 20% off the top -- Vimeo takes no commission from the connections and projects created.

Key benefits for Video Pros include:

  • More opportunities, more paid gigs: Freelance video professionals can search the listing pages by criteria like location, type of project and skill set, submit to jobs that match their skills and expertise.

  • All-in-one-place video workflow: Once a project is kicked off, video professionals can leverage the rest of Vimeo’s tools to review edits with teams and hirers, manage video libraries, and distribute the finished video online.

The new hiring tool is available globally and in seven languages. Payment takes place off of the platform, and Vimeo takes no cut of the exchange. Any hirer can search Vimeo’s network of video professionals and post a listing with a Vimeo account. Any paid Vimeo member can be included in the professional marketplace by marking their account as “available for hire.”

For more information, please visit:


July 16, 2019

Introducing Shutterstock Elements, Thousands of Cinema-Grade Video Effects for Filmmakers

Blockbuster-quality video effects created by industry professionals, including 4K lens flares, essential transitions, captivating video kits with smoke, fire, explosions and more

NEW YORK, NY July 16, 2019 -- Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools, and services, today announced its new footage offering—Shutterstock Elements. Over 3,000 elements captured on cinema-grade cameras and lenses have been added to the site, including transitions, lens flares, VFX (visual effects), video kits, film overlays, HUD (head-up display) and UI (user interface) elements. Compatible with all major video editing programs, Elements also includes detailed tutorials on how to optimize effects. 


Video consumption rates continue to grow and consequently, the power of video content has never been stronger. According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report, digital video is now up to 28% of average daily watching time and 59% of Gen Z users cite YouTube as their preferred learning channel. As marketers respond to this trend by making video a top priority in their marketing mix, Shutterstock Elements offers popular, easy-to-use video effects that anyone can apply to make their content stand out.


“The demand for high-quality video is growing while budgets are only getting smaller and timelines are getting shorter. Video editors, compositors, and vloggers are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining quality and making the content stand out in today’s golden age of video,” said Sylvain Grande, SVP of Product at Shutterstock. “Elements is a one-stop-shop for creatives who are churning out projects at an unprecedented rate, providing assets made with cinema-grade equipment that can make any project look like a big-budget production in no time.”


The new offering includes expertly curated categories for specific genres, from content for everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes. Video kits like “Yum” are tailored for food vloggers and How-tos with over 100 elements including lower thirds, transitions, animated characters, and loopable backgrounds. Film overlays like “Illuminate” offer 120 different light leak elements and practical effects shot in 4K resolution. The curated collections are designed to take any video project to the next level by adding polished elements and finishing touches like flares and sizzle for a more professional feel.


The wide selection of elements ranges from digital assets, like transitions and overlays, to physical effects like explosions or glass shattering. The physical assets were each filmed on location with specialists using high-end gear—like the Ricochet VFX pack, which includes authentic muzzle flashes filmed working alongside gun experts, or the Detonate VFX pack which offers explosions as wide 250 feet. 


Explore Shutterstock Elements here

December 18, 2018

Art Adams.jpg

ARRI Inc. Signs Art Adams as Cinema Lens Specialist

  • Veteran director of photography will develop and support sales of ARRI lenses

  • Adams will collect feedback from and empower creatives


December 18, 2018; Los Angeles – ARRI Inc. is pleased to announce Art Adams has joined as Cinema Lens Specialist. The newly created position will further develop and support sales of ARRI lenses for North America, while collecting user feedback from imagemakers.

Adams has worked as a director of photography for over two decades, focusing on commercials, branded content, visual effects and much more. He also served as a technology consultant for companies including Sony, Canon, Element Labs, Sound Devices and more. He is a longtime contributor for publications such as ProVideo Coalition and DVInfo, in addition to authoring articles for American Cinematographer, Australian Cinematographer, Camera Operator Magazine, Film and Digital Times, and HD Video Pro. As a trainer for the ARRI Academy, he instructed classes on ARRI camera systems including the ALEXA LF.


Says Adams, "I've long admired ARRI's commitment to image quality, and I'm proud that I've been invited to participate in this commitment. I look forward to using my new position to support visual storytellers in achieving their cinematic goals."


Sebastien Laffoux, ARRI Inc. Vice President of Camera Systems Sales, notes: “We’re thrilled to have Art on our team. With his vast amount of experience in the field, he understands the demands of productions both technically and artistically to help us deliver the best tools possible.”


Adams will be based out of the Burbank, California office.

November 28, 2018


Introducing Shutterstock Select, Premium Footage Filmed by Industry Experts

Offering a diverse collection of over 10,000 premium 4K video clips filmed using cinema-grade gear

NEW YORK, NY November 28, 2018 -- Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform, today announced Shutterstock Select, a premium tier of royalty-free video content. The diverse collection of video clips includes exclusive content with everything from everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes, all captured by industry professionals using cinema-grade cameras and selected by our expert curators.


This new offering of content offers the highest production value available in the industry and features in-demand content categories such as cinematic aerials, millennial adventure, gastronomy, action scenes, and workplace scenes. The shots combine artistic and technical excellence and are filmed on cinema-grade equipment including RED cameras and cameras using Cine lenses. A highly-skilled team of professional filmmakers and motion designers created this selection of footage with a particular focus on executing the most exceptional camera movements, composition and acting.


“As most filmmakers and cinematographers know, creating high quality establishing shots are important to any film, but are also very expensive to produce,” said Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “We’re thrilled to now have this new offering of Hollywood-quality content to our customers who are looking to elevate their video projects with a cinematic flair.”


As stock footage continues to solidify itself as an essential pillar within the TV and filmmaking process, Shutterstock is expanding its offerings to meet this ever-growing demand. Shutterstock’s current collection of over 12 million high-quality videos empowers filmmakers all over the world with the content they need to express their creative vision. With this highly curated new offering, filmmakers can now choose from a selection of premium footage produced by industry professionals using top of the range equipment.


The Shutterstock Select video collection is available to download in both 4K and HD. Explore the Select collection here.


About Shutterstock, Inc.

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), directly and through its group subsidiaries, is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, videos and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world. Working with its growing community of over 550,000 contributors, Shutterstock adds hundreds of thousands of images each week, and currently has more than 225 million images and more than 12 million video clips available.


Headquartered in New York City, Shutterstock has offices around the world and customers in more than 150 countries. The company’s brands also include Bigstock, a value-oriented stock media offering; Shutterstock Custom, a custom content creation platform; Offset, a high-end image collection; PremiumBeat a curated royalty-free music library; and Rex Features, a premier source of editorial images for the world's media.


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October  4, 2018


Atlanta, Georgia: Cine Gear Expo kicks off its inaugural Hollywood-style event at the world-renowned Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia on October 6-7, 2018. Free registration is open at:


The 2-day Expo will offer the bustling Atlanta production community a relaxed venue to get caught up on techniques, tools and trade secrets. Like the revered annual Hollywood event, Cine Gear Expo Atlanta aims to create an environment where Atlanta’s professional artists, filmmakers, and content creators can mingle with folks from equipment makers, rental houses, guilds, associations, trade journals and more—all on the grounds of the South’s most famous studio.


The show will present nearly 100 exhibits from industry giants like Panasonic, Blackmagic Design, Carl Zeiss, and Canon as well as local sources including PC&E Atlanta, Georgia Film Academy, and The Rag Place Atlanta. Also on hand will be industry guilds and trade organizations including American Society of Cinematographers, IATSE Local 479, ICG Local 600, and the SOC Society of Camera Operators.


Guests have their choice of attending 10 different complimentary seminars and panels covering filmmaking insights, techniques, technology and safety by distinguished organizations and industry leaders including the ASC’s Dialogue with ASC Cinematographers moderated by International Cinematographers Guild sitting President, Steven Poster, ASC.


Cine Gear Expo Atlanta officially runs October 6, 10am to 6pm and October 7, 10 am to 5pm. For more about Cine Gear Expo and to see the full lineup of exhibitors, screenings, and seminars, visit: Follow these links for complimentary online registration:

Cine Gear encourages early registration to avoid lengthy lines for this sought after event.

Key Code Media.png

October  2, 2018


Broadcast Equipment Provider and Integrator Combine Forces To Become Major Reseller Nationwide.

LOS ANGELES (October 2, 2018) – Key Code Media has reached an agreement to acquire Rocky Mountain and Southwest region integrator Burst Communications. The acquisition complements the strengths of the media and entertainment industry’s trusted media technology provider with the leader in broadcast and AV solutions, offering the market turnkey technology solutions and unparalleled engineering services.


With coverage in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Southern California, Burst Communications will operate as a new division of Key Code Media, maintaining their existing team. Burst Communications will also add additional competencies with large integration vendors, such as Crestron, Barco and Grass Valley.


“Strategically Key Code Media and Burst Communications have substantial synergies which will drive more value to our clients” commented Mike Cavanagh, founder of Key Code Media. ”Burst Communications has a 27 year legacy of excellence in Broadcast Engineering and AV, which directly compliments Key Code Media’s leadership in editorial, storage and asset management.”

Mike Cavanagh of Key Code Media and Kirk Basefsky of Burst Communications make an agreement.

Kirk Basefsky, CEO and Founder of Burst Communications, remarks that Key Code Media is the perfect fit to extend Burst Communications’ reach. “This acquisition is a huge opportunity for Burst Communications, giving us access to new markets, new products, and new offices while maintaining our core brand competencies that our customers know and love.” Burst Communications will continue under its current brand name and its existing locations, maintaining the full Burst team.


Burst Communications was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1991 by Kirk Basefsky, along with a core team of sales and technical experts. Embracing broadcast technology from its inception, the company has grown to be an industry leader in broadcast integration for TV stations, sports, churches, local government and education. Burst also has a strong presence in the Corporate AV space, designing conference rooms, classrooms, lobbies, and large-scale digital signage installations.


“Together, we will offer broadcast, AV, integration, and post-production solutions at a comprehensive level of support and services across all markets and geographies,” noted Mike Cavanagh. “This union positions us both to serve the industry with more advanced engineering and services- across the nation.”

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September 28, 2018

Zeiss’s First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Will Have Adobe Lightroom Built In


September 28, 2018 - Zeiss announced the mirrorless ZX1, its first full-frame camera, with a Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/2 T* lens and a proprietary 37.4 megapixel sensor developed in house.

The ZX1 shoots UHD 4K video (3840 x 21060) at up to 30fps and full HD 1080p at up to 60fps, but the real innovation here is aimed at still photographers. The Zeiss ZX1 has Adobe Lightroom CC on board, allowing photographers to manipulate raw images in camera via 4.3-inch LCD touch display. The back of the camera is slightly bent, with the “crease” separating the live view image from control icons on the screen.

The camera has 512 GB of internal memory and can be set to upload images directly to internet storage with no need for memory cards or other storage devices. Zeiss said software updates can also be applied over the air, without connecting to a computer or applying a file via memory card. (External storage can be connected via USB-C.)

It’s a Zeiss camera for photographers who wish their camera worked a little more like a smartphone — except without all that “phone” stuff cluttering it up.

“We are focusing on ambitious, professional creatives who want to produce their photographic experiences quickly and efficiently, and inspire as many people on the Internet as possible,” said Zeiss Consumer Products Business Group Head Jörg Schmitz in a prepared statement.

The ZX1 viewfinder is an 0.7-inch OLED (1920 x 1080). The Distagon lens has a minimum focus distance of 30cm.

Zeiss said it won’t announce pricing for the ZX1 until it begins shipping in early 2019.

Find out more information here.

September 14, 2018

ARRI introduces Stellar, the new intelligent app for professional lighting control

September 14, 2018; IBC (Amsterdam) – Stellar reimagines light control by automatically managing complex DMX settings and by featuring control interfaces with stunning graphic design. Stellar is the perfect app to quickly and easily control ARRI lights while on set. Whether a large film with many scenes and setups or a small project with just a few fixtures, Stellar is built to work in all scenarios. Coded intelligence and advanced communication make connecting ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures to the app simple and straightforward. After using Stellar, it will be difficult to go back to controlling lights in any other way. 

Many lighting control devices rely on outdated and generic user interfaces. Stellar has been imagined from the beginning to have beautiful graphic interfaces that are tailored to the different ways of selecting color. Exploring colors in a native and intuitive design for a particular color mode will make you never want to go back to faders. Complex color modes like x, y coordinates become more accessible and open up this powerful tool for everyone. With a long list of feature additions already planned, Stellar will grow into a fully featured lighting control platform. Stellar is the “go-to” application for controlling ARRI fixtures as it seamlessly integrates functionality with great design making the task of adjusting lights effortless.

ARRI Lighting Ecosystem
Stellar is the final link in a complete ecosystem of advanced lighting control products from ARRI. The SkyPanel features Art-Net, sACN, DMX, and RDM implementations for a wide range of control options. Combined with SkyLink, a large rig of SkyPanels can be controlled wirelessly with little effort. Stellar brings all these pieces together with intuitive controls that work seamlessly with the SkyLink, SkyPanel, and L-Series hardware. Creating a complex lighting network has never been simpler or easier to manage.

Color Mode Switching
There are seven amazing ways to select color and lighting effects with the SkyPanel. With Stellar, it is possible to instantly switch between control modes so that a color can be chosen with an interface best suited for that mode. There is no need to worry about DMX footprints or addresses as Stellar’s backend takes care of this. Simply pick the color mode desired and adjust the output accordingly. No compromises necessary with Stellar.

Auto Layout Feature
Stellar’s auto layout feature makes DMX patching a thing of the past. The app will automatically set the DMX start addresses for all fixtures and continue to manage the network in order to avoid any overlapping devices. Without the need to worry about DMX settings, there is more time to focus on the creative aspects of lighting.

Automatic Fixture Discovery
Today’s networks are a complicated mix of nodes, splitters, gateways, and much more. Stellar will navigate the DMX network for you. With the automatic discovery of fixtures, Stellar will search your DMX/RDM network and find every ARRI fixture connected to it. Simply assign the found devices to a project and start lighting. Whether it’s 10 fixtures,100 fixtures, or more, Stellar can handle it.

Built in RDM and DMX Technology
By incorporating DMX and RDM as standard features of the L-Series and SkyPanel, it has been possible to take control of all aspects of ARRI LED fixtures. Stellar takes full advantage of this technology but also hides the complexity in the background. Using Art-Net, Stellar is able to control color and change any setting on the fixture. It is not necessary to set a DMX address or change a DMX mode - Stellar does this automatically.

Light Plot View
Stellar has the ability to import a lighting plot image so that fixtures can be laid out in a two-dimensional space. This visual reference provides ultra-fast selection of light fixtures based on where they are in real space. No more searching through lists, look up tables, or fixture addresses, just tap and control.

Save and Share your Favorite Colors and Effects
Saving favorite colors is an important part of creating a look or preparing for a lighting setup. In Stellar, you can save hundreds of color and lighting effect favorites and bring them with you to every project. It is also possible to share one or all of your favorites with a colleague with a few simple taps.

Storing Lighting Looks
Creating different lighting looks is a key aspect of any lighting scene. Looks can be stored in Stellar which save all fixture settings and color selections. Switching between a day look and a night look has never been easier. Stellar will take care of switch color modes, settings, and output for all fixtures within a matter of moments.

Stellar Brings Gels to L-Series
With Stellar, it is now possible to set gels and sources on all L-Series fixtures. Due to a L-Series hardware limitation, this was not possible in the past. Stellar’s powerful interface now can send gel and source matching color data in the background directly to the fixture. It is now possible to choose from over 300 gels and over 45 light source matching colors. This integration is seamless and a welcome addition to the feature set of the popular L-Series.

To find out more information go to:


September 14, 2018

ARRI launches Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6x6


September 14, 2018; IBC (Amsterdam) – The new Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6x6 is a robust and adaptable addition to ARRI’s LMB range. It allows for the same level of flexibility and creative possibilities as the LMB 4x5, which has proved very popular with camera operators and crews since it was launched just over a year ago. 


“The LMB 6x6 will make short work of on-set challenges,” says Philip Vischer, ARRI’s Product Manager for PCA Mechanical Accessories. “It’s streamlined and light, and altering the various applications doesn’t require any supplementary tools—that will make set-ups really quick and easy.” 


The matte box is extremely versatile. For example, it works well with gimbals, drones, or Steadicam rigs when used in a single-filter configuration. It can be simply clamped to a lens, or it can be used with rod-mounts, either 15mm or 19mm studio rods, or—in conjunction with an adaptor—15mm lightweight rods. 


It includes additional rotatable and non-rotatable filter stages in two different versions which can accommodate up to three 6.6 inch filters at any one time. Each filter tray has its own dedicated tray catcher. 


The LMB 6x6 can be tilted 10 degrees up or down, with an optional swing-away tilt module, to avoid unwanted reflections. This module also allows for fast and easy lens changes without the need to dismantle the matte box.


The set includes flags that fold flat for easier and more convenient storage.


The LMB 6x6 is available as a complete set, or as individual elements—as a clamp-on set, for instance. In line with ARRI’s usual attention to detail, it also comes with foam packaging which can be transferred directly to a travel case.

September 5, 2018

Introducing a new kind of stock video

Vimeo has long been home to a community of the most iconic filmmakers in the world. And, as a creator-first platform, we’re obsessed with providing the tools that busy creative professionals need to make your videos — exceptionally.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest way to empower and support our creative community. It’s something you’ve been asking about for years, and today Vimeo Stock is finally here.

Our new global, royalty-free stock marketplace is the result of countless conversations that we’ve had with you, our users. For the first time ever we’re unlocking content directly from Vimeo’s world-renowned storytellers. In fact, the majority of contributors in our launch collection are licensing their footage for the first time, and exclusively on Vimeo. We’re also excited to offer industry-leading economics for both stock contributors and buyers.

In other words, our footage collection raises the standard of traditional stock. Rather it’s a hand-selected, highly curated assembly of truly stunning footage designed to make your videos even better.

See for yourself:

You can read more information about Vimeo Stock here:

September 5, 2018

ProductionHUB Acquires Variety 411

(Los Angeles, CA) — ProductionHUB, the global network of local crew and vendors, announces the acquisition of Variety 411. The asset purchase and talent acquisition will allow ProductionHUB to revitalize the LA 411 and NY 411 brands, expand its portfolio of resources and hyper-focus on the Los Angeles and New York markets.

“LA 411 and NY 411 are iconic brands in the production resources/directory space. We are very happy to see the brands move to ProductionHUB where their combined operations will add value and reach to the production community.” says Mark Hoebich, President of Variety Business Intelligence.

Over the past 19 years, ProductionHUB has built its employment network for the film and video marketplace by developing a platform to simplify the hiring process on a global scale. “We are excited to implement this technology locally in Los Angeles and New York, focusing on two of the largest production markets in the world,” says John Pokorny, President & Founder of ProductionHUB.

In the coming months, the website will be redesigned and launched under the iconic brands LA 411 and NY 411. The 40th edition of the print guide is planned for distribution in January 2019.

Aaron Biberstein, previous General Manager of Variety 411, will spearhead the transition. He says, "We look forward to reestablishing the LA and NY 411 brands. With the support of ProductionHUB's considerable technological assets and marketing prowess, 411 will be better able to service and adapt to the ever-changing needs of this dynamic industry."

For more information, visit

LA | NY 411 Social Media
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NY 411 Facebook:
NY 411 Twitter:

About ProductionHUB, Inc.
ProductionHUB is the global network of local crew and vendors that serves the film and video production industry. Find anything and hire anyone you need, whether it's a camera operator for one day, a video editor for one month, a studio space to shoot in, camera and lights for rent or the best candidates to fill a full-time position. Since launching in 1999, we've grown beyond a simple directory into the most trusted resource for finding the qualified and experienced crew, vendors, freelancers and facilities. We’re your film and video production partner. Learn more at

August 28, 2018

Building designed to advance organization’s longstanding commitment to educating the next generation of filmmakers.

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) broke ground today on the construction of the new ASC ARRI Educational Center. The contemporary building, located behind the historic ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, will serve as a hub for the organization’s ongoing efforts to educate the next generation of filmmakers on the art and craft of cinematography. The structure also will be home to all print and digital publications staff. The ASC ARRI Educational Center offers a modern, inspired space with offices and meeting rooms, and is slated to be completed in 2019.

ASC President Kees van Oostrum was joined by ARRI Inc. President and CEO Glenn Kennel for this momentous event.

“When the ASC was formed in 1919, our founding members pledged to foster and artistically inspire rising cinematographers,” says van Oostrum. “That mission has made us the society we are today. Through our members and initiatives, we have aggressively continued that edict. As we prepare to celebrate our 100th anniversary next year, the new ASC ARRI Educational Center symbolizes our commitment to the future and provides an excellent gathering place for the exchange of ideas.”

The educational center is made possible through the patronage of ARRI, a pioneering technology company that has a longstanding relationship with the ASC and its membership.

To continue reading about the ARRI Education Center please click here

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June 21, 2018




To kick off Key Code Media’s Broadcast2Post Demo Series, we’re inviting Avid Technology to present and discuss the new workflow module and ‘sleeper-hit’ product, Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management is going to revolutionize the way productions and facilities use Media Composer, helping you find files faster across your NEXIS workspaces, share projects/media, accelerate editorial workflow, collaborate between departments, and allow media and project access through a web browser. You will not want to miss this online presentation.


Michael Krulik, Avid Technology
Matt McClain, Key Code Media

DEMO PRODUCT: Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management

June 11, 2018

ARRI Makes ARRIRAW Available for AMIRA


  • Option to record ARRIRAW 2.8K up to 48 fps

  • Requested by AMIRA owner/operators

  • Available through payable license after installation of new SUP 5.3

June 11, 2018; Munich, Germany – ARRI is enabling owners and operators of AMIRA cameras to record in ARRIRAW. The change will involve the installation of the new Software Update Package SUP 5.3, and the purchase of a license. It will give cinematographers the option to record ARRIRAW 2.8K up to 48fps, which increases the versatility of their AMIRA even further, and gives them more options to offer clients.

“It’s a response to an increasing demand,” says Markus Duerr, the ARRI AMIRA Product Manager. “With the growing popularity of ARRIRAW, more and more AMIRA users have been asking us to make it available to them.”  ARRIRAW data produced from an ARRI AMIRA can be considered a digital version of a camera negative. It is the only format that retains the camera's natural color response and great exposure latitude as uncompressed and unencrypted sensor data. The originally recorded raw data remains pristine, providing flexibility in postproduction and raw data archiving.











The ARRI AMIRA is a versatile camera system that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast 2.0 workflows with an ergonomic design optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. Ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag, AMIRA is tough enough to take
anywhere and features in-camera grading with preloaded 3D LUTs, as well as 200 fps slow motion. It is suitable for a great variety of production types, from reportage and corporate films, to TV drama and low-budget movies.

For locations and more information please visit

June 7, 2018

DroneBase Brings Hundreds of 4K Aerial Clips to Shutterstock’s Footage Collection


June 7, 2018 - The explosive growth of the drone industry now means that filmmakers and videographers can capture immersive views unlike ever before. As Shutterstock customers are increasingly looking for aerial imagery to support their projects, the company is working to enhance its collection with this type of content.

Shutterstock is expanding its aerial footage collection in a new distribution deal that will deliver hundreds of high-quality 4K videos produced by the largest global drone operations company, DroneBase. From a soaring bird’s-eye view of the biggest cities in the world to incredible coastline vistas, all of this immersive content is now available to license for commercial use on Shutterstock.

DroneBase’s network of professional drone pilots will provide all kinds of high-quality aerial video content. With its global network of pilots in all 50 states and in over 70 countries, the DroneBase collection includes 4K video from all over the world, including Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Malta, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The recent growth of aerial technology (particularly drones with 4K cameras) has transformed the production industry by offering crystal-clear, cinema-quality footage without the cost of a professional pilot and aircraft — and drones can even reach places helicopters and airplanes never could. Drone industry growth is expected to continue, and Shutterstock is committed to providing the best footage that the new technology can offer.


Explore these curated sets of beautiful aerial videos coming from the DroneBase collection available at Shutterstock: Sunlight AerialsWater Aerials.